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Henan Shangqiu Award selects 10 outstanding experts each year

来源: 政府采购信息报打印09:07, December 30, 2019 Source: Government Procurement Information Paper [ Print ]

政府采购评标过程中,评审专家无故迟到、早退屡见不鲜,不认真阅读招标文件、不按招标文件评审、故意拖延时间、复核不到位,甚至要求多付评审费等现象也时有发生。 In the current evaluation process of government procurement , it is not uncommon for review experts to be late and leave early for no reason, not carefully reading bidding documents, not reviewing bidding documents, deliberately delaying time, not checking in place, and even asking for more review fees. 政府采购评审专家执业行为规范及奖惩办法》(以下简称《办法》),旨在进一步规范评审专家执业行为,提高评审质量,解决评审专家管理中的难点问题。 In response to the above-mentioned irregular behavior, the Finance Bureau of Shangqiu City, Henan Province has recently issued the " Code for Conducting Practices of Procurement Review Experts of Shangqiu City Government and Measures for Reward and Punishment" (hereinafter referred to as the "Measures"), which aims to further standardize the practice of review experts and improve the quality of review. Solve the difficult problems in the management of review experts.
"Government Procurement Information News" reporters saw the "Measures" a total of six chapters and 23 articles. Among them, the "Methods" used eleven articles to clarify the practice standards of review experts, including the certification documents that should be provided when applying for registration of government procurement review expert qualifications, actively participating in business training, complying with review time, complying with bid evaluation discipline, and implementing confidentiality regulations. , Avoidance according to law, independent review, obtaining labor compensation according to standards, etc.
So, how should the review experts be punished for violations of laws and regulations? The "Measures" stipulates that if there is one of six types of evaluation experts, the government procurement supervision department at the same level of the evaluation project shall order correction within a time limit and conduct interview education. Including: the review experts who have accepted the invitation, who are late or leave early without valid reasons; after the review experts arrive at the designated place, they cannot refuse to have valid IDs, keep them privately, and use communication tools; ask the purchaser to raise the review fee standard without authorization, etc. Wait. According to the Measures, if there are two interviews in one year, the evaluation qualification for half a year will be suspended, and the accreditation of government procurement review experts for three or more years will be suspended.
At the same time, the "Measures" also stipulates that if there is one of nine types of evaluation experts, the government procurement supervision department at the same level as the evaluation project will give notice of criticism. Including: the review experts who have accepted the invitation, who do not participate in the review activities without consent and affect the government procurement review work; in the review work, there are obviously unreasonable or inclined phenomena; in the review process, the review time is delayed for no reason, and so on. The Measures clearly states that if there are two notifications of criticism within a year, their qualifications for one year's review will be suspended, and their qualifications of government procurement review experts will be revoked for a total of three times or more.
In addition, for the review experts who adhere to the principles and observe the law, the Measures also formulated incentive measures. At the end of each year, 10 outstanding review experts will be selected based on feedback from purchasers and agencies, as well as daily practice and evaluation statistics. , It will be commended by the city, and awarded the title of "Excellent Government Procurement Review Expert in Shangqiu City".