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Qinzhou City Pushes Government Purchase Management to Realize "Four Changes" with Information Construction

来源: 中国政府采购网打印09:05, December 30, 2019 Source: China Government Procurement Network [ Print ]

政府采购信息化建设的有关要求,通过建设市、县级电子化政府采购平台,加快实施“互联网+政府采购”行动,持续推进政府采购“放管服”改革,着力提升政府采购透明度和采购效率,积极构建优质的政府采购营商环境。 Since the beginning of this year, Qinzhou City has actively implemented the relevant requirements of the Finance Department of the Autonomous Region on advancing the construction of government procurement informationization. Through the construction of municipal and county-level electronic government procurement platforms , Qinzhou City has accelerated the implementation of the "Internet + Government Procurement" action and continued to promote " decentralization of government procurement Service reform, focusing on improving government procurement transparency and efficiency, and actively building a high-quality government procurement business environment. 采购监管工作实现四个方面的转变。 Promote the city's government procurement supervision to achieve four aspects of change.
The first is to realize the change of government procurement plan filing from "round trip" to "online processing". The municipal level has launched the government procurement plan management system since the beginning of this year. It implements one-stop processing of procurement plan filing, contract filing, etc. via the Internet, changing the previous paper filing management model, and the purchaser applying for online filing for its own information. "Run more roads, fewer people run errands" to further improve procurement efficiency. As of the end of November, 1169 planned filing projects had been completed this year, involving an amount of 911 million yuan.
The second is to realize the transformation of government procurement management from "extensive management" to "fine management". The use of advanced information technology to establish a standardized government procurement management system, to achieve refined management of government procurement, information technology to promote and achieve the scientific, refined and efficient government procurement management. By embedding approval procedures such as changes in purchasing methods and procurement of imported products into the plan filing process, the plan management system is transformed from a traditional single data statistic to a comprehensive management business. At the same time, in the system, government procurement items, organizational forms, and procurement method rules are linked to further improve the accuracy and standardization of the content submitted by procurement units. Collect, summarize and analyze basic government procurement information in real time to ensure that procurement is implemented according to budget and procurement is performed according to procedures.
The third is to realize the transformation of government procurement management from "information island" to "one network". In accordance with the unified deployment of the autonomous region, the construction of "one network" for government procurement was accelerated. Lingshan County and Pubei County under its jurisdiction officially launched the "Zhengcaiyun" electronic store system in early July this year. As of the end of November, a total of 187 suppliers have settled in Lingshan County, and 22,436 products have been put on the shelves. The purchaser has completed 2001 orders involving a transaction amount of 42.64 million yuan. There are 88 suppliers in Pubei County, with 9,549 pieces of products on the shelves, completed by the purchasing unit. 709 orders were traded, involving a transaction amount of 2.68 million yuan. The implementation of electronic stores has improved the procurement efficiency and transparency of procurement units, reduced procurement costs, and guided suppliers to compete in an open and fair environment. Qinnan District and Qinbei District also steadily promoted the construction of informatization in accordance with the plan.
The fourth is to realize the transformation of government procurement management from "supervisory responsibility" to "main responsibility". Re-determine the main responsibility of the purchaser to fill in the information in the government procurement management and transaction system. Starting from this year, the financial department made it clear that the government procurement information statistical report should be filled by the supervisory department for the purchaser's own reporting. In accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Finance's "Regulations on the Prevention and Punishment of Government Procurement Information Statistics Fake and Fake Responsibility System (Trial)" requirements, through business training, strengthen the main role of purchasers in the preparation of reporting, establish prevention and punishment of government procurement information statistics fraud, Fraud responsibility system.
Through in-depth advancement of the overall information reform process of government procurement, standardize the operation of various government procurement entities, and fully realize the full integration of online transactions, online supervision, online services, and sharing and sharing of information resources with "Internet +", and effectively improve government procurement. Efficiency and service quality are of great significance to promote the institutionalization, standardization, and transparency of government procurement. Improving high-quality and convenient services to various social subjects has laid a good foundation for improving the city's business environment.