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Finance of Yuxi City, Yunnan Province: Strengthening Internal Supervision to Improve Government Procurement Execution

来源: 中国政府采购网打印08:58 December 30, 2019 Source: China Government Procurement Network [ Print ]

In order to further strengthen government procurement activities and regulate government procurement behavior, the Yuxi Municipal Finance Bureau has taken effective measures to effectively strengthen internal management and control, and strive to improve the implementation of government procurement.

1. Implement the main responsibility. The first is to do a good job in the internal management of the government procurement business and the management of its affiliated organizations, clarify the internal working mechanism, and focus on strengthening the management of procurement needs, policy implementation, information disclosure, performance acceptance, and evaluation of results. The second is to do a good job of process control, and strengthen the management of key contents and links of government procurement activities such as entrusting agents, preparing procurement documents and drafting contract texts, implementing procurement procedures, and agency procurement performance. The third is to strengthen the awareness of administration according to law, and focus on improving internal management systems and work procedures such as approval of procurement methods, review of procurement of imported products, handling of complaints, and supervision and inspection.

2. Define key tasks. The first is to strictly guard against the risks of a clean government, firmly establish the concept that honesty is the lifeline of government procurement, and put discipline and rules first; aim at government procurement positions, process design, main responsibility, and interaction with market players, etc., to refine the rules of clean government and clarify discipline Rules, forming a strict and effective restraint mechanism. The second is to control legal risks, enhance the concept of rule of law among purchasers, centralized procurement agencies and regulatory agencies, and organize government procurement activities in accordance with laws and regulations. Improve the level of supervision and effectively prevent and control legal risks in the implementation and supervision of government procurement. The third is to implement policy functions, accurately grasp the requirements for implementing government policy functions in the field of government procurement, strictly implement policy regulations, and effectively bring into play the role of government procurement in achieving national economic and social development policy goals. The fourth is to improve the performance of performance, implement the requirements of streamlining, uniformity and effectiveness, scientifically determine the ownership, position responsibility, process control and authorization relationship, promote the optimization and smooth implementation of government procurement processes, and improve the overall efficiency, effectiveness and efficiency of government procurement.

Third, build an efficient and clean government procurement team. The first is to take "establishing the party for the public, governing for the people" and serving the people wholeheartedly, maintaining the party's advanced and pure propaganda and education, etc. as important contents to strengthen and improve work style, and strengthen the education and government procurement staff Guide and effectively enhance the "four consciousness" of government procurement personnel. The second is to carry out thematic education focusing on improving the mass awareness and self-discipline awareness of government procurement staff, so that government procurement staff can improve their ability to discern between right and wrong, and strengthen their ability to control themselves in the face of temptation. The third is to do a good job of typical model education, select and commend the units and individuals who always put the interests of the people first, and vigorously create a good environment for government procurement.