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Jiaozuo Municipal Finance Bureau: Deepening the Reform of "Decentralization of Services" and Regulating Government Procurement

来源: 中国政府采购网打印08:41, December 27, 2019 Source: China Government Procurement Network [ Print ]

In accordance with the unified deployment of the municipal party committee and government and the requirements of the superiors on deepening the reform of the government procurement system, since this year, the Jiaozuo Finance Bureau has deepened the reform of "decentralization and management services", optimized the business environment, actively explored a new government procurement supervision mechanism, and standardized government procurement. Behavior, improve the efficiency of government procurement, and increase the satisfaction and sense of gain of market players. As of the end of the third quarter of this year, the city's government procurement budget was 3.21 billion yuan, saving 316 million yuan, and a savings rate of 9.9%.  

The first is to focus on "release" and improve procurement efficiency. Optimize government procurement procedures, simplify the filing process, and establish a working mechanism that shifts from pre-approval to post-filing. Establish an electronic government procurement management system, cancel the review link of the government procurement management department, and complete the government procurement plan filing automatically by the system. Combined the functions of government procurement contract announcement and filing module to reduce the repeated entry of filing information and shorten the review time.

The second is to standardize the procurement process based on "management". Fully open the government procurement agency business market and build a fair and just government procurement environment. Strengthen government procurement supervision, urge budget units to complete filing within 2 working days after signing the contract, and pay funds in a timely manner in accordance with the terms of the contract to ease the pressure on suppliers' funds. We will sort out and standardize the procurement process for the entry transaction of the Public Resource Trading Center, improve the entry transaction registration system, no longer require mandatory public announcements, cancel bidding registration, and improve service efficiency.

The third is to "service" as the focus and improve the platform functions. Optimize and upgrade the electronic government procurement management platform, improve the information release function, and increase transparency. It is connected with "China Government Procurement Network", "Credit China (Henan)", "National Enterprise Information Credit Publicity System", and "Government Procurement Severe Illegal Trust List Check" for easy operation and use. Added a "Public Consultation" section to facilitate communication channels. Promote "Internet + public resource transactions", comprehensively implement electronic bidding and bidding, so that project acceptance, announcements, documents, bid opening, bid evaluation, announcements, etc. can be handled by Netcom.

The fourth is to establish a long-term mechanism by focusing on “specialty”. Establish a special working group to simplify the procedures and standardize management in five aspects, including electronic procurement platform, procurement process, determination of procurement results and contract signing, contract management, payment and delivery. Establish benchmarking optimization ledger, benchmarking provincial and municipal advanced indicators and business environment assessment results, and clarifying optimization goals and timeliness. Establish a supervision and inspection mechanism, implement responsible departments and responsible personnel, make up shortcomings and plug loopholes.

Fifth, expand the policy function based on "real". Giving play to the advantages of guaranteed payment of government procurement contracts and centralized payment of the state treasury, relying on the electronic government procurement system, expanding the function of government procurement policies, building an information platform for "government-bank-enterprise" docking, and promoting government procurement contract financing models across the city , Promote the positive interaction between financing services and the real economy, and achieve a win-win situation among the government, enterprises and financing institutions.