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Xu Zhou: Deepening political reforms must adhere to the original intention of promoting social fairness and justice

来源: 中国政府采购报打印09:27, November 08, 2019 Source: China Government Procurement News [ Print ]

■ Xu Zhou

“慢贵差”等问题,所以政府采购领域需要深化改革。 Although the government procurement system has not been implemented for a long time, government procurement is also an area where the problems are more prominent. The masses report that more concentrated issues such as "slow and expensive differences", so the government procurement area needs to be deepened. The author recalled that some time ago, typical cases such as the Xi'an subway problem cable were used as fuses. The media's application for the government procurement low-price bidding issue was fierce. The People's Daily issued two criticisms of the "lowest bid winning". Said "the lowest price wins, it is time to change", "the lowest price wins" does not change, talk about the spirit of craftsmanship, made in China. For a while, sounds and practices such as the cancellation of the lowest bid evaluation method and the winning of bids were very popular and popular.

In fact, all comrades on the procurement front know that in practice, high-price procurement and low-price bidding coexist in government procurement (high and low refers to the market fair price), but the proportion of the two is very different, the former is far more than the latter . “量身定制”、围标串标等手段、在排斥竞争的情况下产生的;而低价中标往往是在竞争激烈的情况下产生的,有些是因为采购需求空洞被钻了空子;有些是供应商抱有侥幸心理或者“兵行险招”,指望先低价中标再说,总能想办法(比如合同变更、索赔、偷工减料等)赢利;有些是供应商为了排挤竞争对手不惜代价等等。 High-priced purchases are generally made through “tailor-made”, bidding, and other means, in the case of exclusion from competition; while low-price bids are often produced under fierce competition, and some are because of empty purchase demand. Some are empty; some suppliers have a fluke or "arms risk", expect to win the bid first, and then always find a way (such as contract changes, claims, cut corners, etc.) to make a profit; some are suppliers in order to crowd out competitors Wait at any cost. However, the interests of all parties involved in the high-price bidding can be taken into consideration, and everyone has no opinion, and the interests of all parties in the low-price bidding have not been satisfied. Coupled with the phenomenon of poor quality service, the problem is highlighted. The reality is that everyone does not think of ways to solve the problems by improving the procurement needs, strengthening performance acceptance, and strengthening credit constraints, but puts the responsibility on the government procurement, bidding and bidding system, and even wins the bid. "This gambling-style approach is all pompous. If it is lighter, it is lazy, and when it is lighter, it is "I do n’t feel bad about selling young people."

——高价采购与低价中标》的文章,点击量比较高,评论留言也很多。 The author once wrote an article on "The Pain of Government Procurement -High Price Procurement and Low Price Winning", with a high number of clicks and many comments. In replying to the comments, the author mentioned that most of the friends in the business community hated winning bids at low prices, but you haven't thought about it. If there is no open, objective, and rigid competition factor for prices, for most companies, you want to Winning the bid may be harder than easier. This response resonated with many people.

In fact, low-price priority is the internationally accepted government procurement or public procurement rules, such as the United Nations Model Law on Public Procurement, the World Bank Procurement Guide, and government procurement laws and regulations in western developed countries. The lowest bid evaluation method is the mainstream bid evaluation. One way.

“中国要警惕右,但主要是防止'左'”。 Comrade Xiaoping cautioned: "China needs to be vigilant against the right, but mainly to prevent 'left'." 好像越“左”越革命。 Because "Left" is revolutionary , it seems that the more "Left" the more revolutionary. At a critical juncture of deepening the reform of the current government procurement system, as a party member and as a veteran of the government procurement front line, the author feels responsible and obliged to "take risks from the world" and reflect the real situation at the grass-roots level. Provide references for the formulation and implementation of the government procurement system deepening reform program.

"The comprehensive and deepening reform must be based on the promotion and promotion of social equity and justice and the well-being of the people. The reform will be meaningless if it cannot bring real benefits to the people and create a more fair social environment." For the one-sided public opinion, the deepening reform of the government procurement system must be strategically focused and adhere to the right direction. Encouraging competition is the cornerstone of the government procurement system. "Three publics and one sincerity" is the soul of the government procurement system. Decentralization and checks and balances, and promoting fairness and justice in government procurement are the "primary intentions" of establishing a procurement agency. The implementation of the government procurement system has not gone far. At the new starting point of deepening reform, we must keep in mind why we started.