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Zhouhuan Wang: Optimizing the business environment and promoting fair competition

来源: 中国政府采购报打印09:29, August 13, 2019 Source: China Government Procurement News [ Print ]

Optimizing the business environment for government procurement is an important part of the "Plan to Deepen the Reform of the Government Procurement System." Important measures. The Notice has made new institutional arrangements in several aspects:

The first is to list ten situations that hinder fair competition in the field of government procurement. These situations are more common in current government procurement practices.

The second is to establish a fair competition review system and implement a fair competition review of government procurement system measures involving market players.

Third, there are many new measures in strengthening the implementation management of government procurement: simplifying procedures and reducing institutional transaction costs. Including information that can be queried through the Internet or related information systems, suppliers are not required to provide; for materials that can be provided online, suppliers are not required to provide paper materials at the same time; for suppliers to submit various declarations and commitments in accordance with regulations , Shall not be required to provide relevant certification documents issued by the relevant departments. Reduce the burden and protect the legitimate rights and interests of suppliers. Including the realization of electronic procurement, electronic procurement documents should be provided to suppliers free of charge; the collection and refund of security deposits should be further regulated; procurement funds should be paid in a timely manner; and compensation and compensation mechanisms for the interests of suppliers should be improved.

The fourth is to further improve the transparency of government procurement. It is an important institutional arrangement to promote the disclosure of procurement intentions on a trial basis. GPA 的一项重要采购制度,旨在进一步提升政府采购透明度。 Procurement intentions include major procurement items, procurement content and demand profile, budget amounts, estimated procurement time, etc. Public procurement intentions are also an important procurement system of the GPA , which aims to further enhance the transparency of government procurement.

“互联网+ 政府采购”相适应的快速裁决通道。 The fifth is to improve the government procurement relief system and establish a fast-track ruling that is compatible with "Internet + government procurement." The purpose of the relief system is to enable suppliers' legitimate rights and interests to be safeguarded in time by questioning complaints so as to regain business opportunities. The current relief system has the disadvantages of complicated procedures and long time, which often make it difficult for suppliers' legitimate rights and interests to be remedied in a timely manner. Therefore, unblocking complaint channels and improving the administrative ruling mechanism are also important contents to optimize the business environment.

2020 年开始,世界银行《全球营商环境报告》将政府采购由观察指标转为正式评估指标,占各经济体营商环境总得分的比重为十一分之一。 Beginning in 2020 , the World Bank's Global Business Environment Report will turn government procurement from an observation indicator to a formal evaluation indicator, accounting for one eleventh of the total business environment score of each economy. Optimizing the business environment for government procurement will promote the overall business environment in China, and the implementation of the Notice will further optimize the business environment for government procurement in China.

(Wang Zhouhuan)