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"2019 Tendering Industry Achievement Press Conference" Held in Beijing

来源: 中国政府采购报打印09:25, December 27, 2019 Source: China Government Procurement News [ Print ]

  25 日,中国招标投标协会(简称“中招协”)在京举行“ 2019 年招标投标行业成果发布会”。 On December 25 , the China Tendering and Bidding Association (hereinafter referred to as the "China Investment Association") held a " 2019 Tendering Industry Achievement Press Conference" in Beijing . The aim is to promote and promote the use of high-quality industry standards and specifications, further improve the overall business capabilities and service levels of the bidding agency industry, guide the high-quality and standardized development of the bidding agency industry, and help the industry transform and upgrade.

2019 年,中招协组织编制了《非招标方式采购文件示范文本》《 PPP 项目选择咨询机构招标文件示范文本》《 PPP 项目选择社会资本方招标文件示范文本(公路项目)》《 PPP 项目选择社会资本方招标资格预审文件示范文本(公路项目)》和《中国招标投标发展报告( 2018 年版)》等五项行业成果。 It is understood that in 2019 , the China Merchants Association organized the preparation of a "model document for non-tendering procurement documents", a model document for PPP project selection consulting agencies, a model document for PPP project selection of social capital parties (road projects), and PPP The project selected the social capital party's pre-examination document for tender qualification demonstration model (highway project) and "China Tender Development Report ( 2018 Edition)" and other five industry achievements. In order to do a good job of propaganda and promotion of the results, the China Merchants Association held this conference. Ren Long, vice president of China Recruitment Association, Li Xiaolin, Shi Guohu, and Wu Qiang attended the press conference. Vice President Jia Jianhua presided over the press conference.

——中招协副会长李小林、吴强,华杰工程咨询公司高会晋和内蒙古中实工程招标咨询有限责任公司罗岩,分别介绍了各项成果的编制背景、过程、主要内容、特点,以及对行业发展的重要意义,并回答了媒体和与会代表的提问。 At the press conference, the persons in charge of drafting the five industry achievements of the China Merchants Association-Li Xiaolin and Wu Qiang, vice presidents of the China Merchants Association, Gao Jinjin of Huajie Engineering Consulting Company and Luo Yan of Inner Mongolia Zhongshi Engineering Bidding Consulting Co., Ltd. The preparation background, process, main content and characteristics of each achievement were introduced, as well as the significance to the development of the industry, and questions from the media and participants were answered.

年以来,中招协以推动招标采购行业高质量发展为目标,制定发布了一系列行业成果,招标采购行业系统化的标准体系初具雏形。 "The formulation of high-quality industry standards and norms is an important way for the industry associations to adapt to the deepening reform situation and high-quality development requirements, and to provide services to members, the industry and the government." Ren Long said that since 2016 , China Recruitment With the goal of promoting the high-quality development of the bidding and procurement industry, the Association has formulated and released a series of industry achievements, and a systematic standard system for the bidding and procurement industry has begun to take shape. These achievements are the industry's experience and wisdom, and also represent the direction of industry transformation and upgrading.

At the meeting, in response to the promotion of industry results, Ren Long clearly proposed to focus on five areas of work: first, strengthen the publicity and promotion work, so that more market participants understand and use the results as soon as possible; second, do a good job of training To help everyone understand and use correctly; the third is to track the use of the situation in a timely manner and carefully summarize it; the fourth is to promote more people in the industry to learn about the industry's achievements. In the evaluation of the professional and technical capabilities of bidding and procurement practitioners, familiarization with and use of these results should be listed as the content of testing the professional and technical capabilities of the bidding and procurement practitioners. Promote the existing model texts to the China Association for Associations Standards.

PPP 项目选择社会资本方招标文件示范文本》,逐步形成 PPP 项目的系列招标文件示范文本;在全过程工程咨询方面,组织编制《全过程工程咨询服务招标文件示范文本》;在行业发展报告方面,力争每年发布一部高质量的行业报告。 Regarding the next standardization work, Ren Long said that in terms of bidding and procurement, the China Merchants Association should continue to cooperate with the National Standards Commission to complete the approval and release of the national standards for the "Bid Agent Service Specifications", and step up the formulation and release of the "model text of electronic procurement documents" and "Technical Specifications for Electronic Non-tendering Procurement"; in terms of franchising, continue to organize the compilation of " Model Documents for PPP Project Selection of Social Capital Parties Bidding Documents " for sewage treatment and garbage treatment , and gradually form a series of model tender documents for PPP projects; throughout the entire process In terms of engineering consulting, organize the compilation of "Model Texts of Bidding Documents for Engineering Consulting Services for the Whole Process"; and in industry development reports, strive to release a high-quality industry report every year.

"Standards and norms are the commanding heights of high-quality development of the industry, and are an important part of the modernization of the industry governance system and governance capabilities. They have great responsibilities. Play a greater role in promoting high-quality economic development. "Ren Long finally emphasized.

PPP 咨询机构论坛、中国国际工程咨询有限公司研究中心、清华大学政府和社会资本合作研究中心的支持。 The press conference was supported by the China PPP Consulting Organization Forum, China International Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. Research Center, Tsinghua University Government and Social Capital Cooperative Research Center. PPP 项目的金融机构、证券机构、会计师事务所、律师事务所和咨询研究机构的代表,相关行业协会和地方招标投标协会的代表,业界专家学者,行业媒体和培训机构代表 200 余人参加了此次会议。 Representatives from members of the Central Enterprise Association of China Recruitment Association, members of the special committee of bidding agencies and members of the franchise special committee, representatives of financial institutions, securities institutions, accounting firms, law firms and consulting and research institutions engaged in PPP projects More than 200 representatives from relevant industry associations and local bidding and tendering associations, industry experts and scholars, industry media and training institutions attended the meeting. ( Yuan Ruijuan)

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