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Hainan raises procurement autonomy in universities and research institutes

来源: 中国政府采购报打印09:23, December 27, 2019 Source: China Government Procurement News [ Print ]

200 万元以下的仪器设备、耗材,高校、科研院所可自行购买。 The Department of Finance of Hainan Province, the Department of Science and Technology of Hainan Province, and the Department of Education of Hainan Province recently issued the "Notice on Further Expanding the Autonomy of Universities and Scientific Research Institutions" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice") to further expand government procurement of universities and scientific research institutes. In areas such as autonomy, instruments and equipment and consumables below 2 million yuan should be specified, and universities and research institutes can purchase them on their own.

The "Notice" emphasizes that the main responsibilities of universities and research institutes must be fulfilled. “放管服”改革重要措施,明确按照“谁使用、谁负责”的原则,项目承担单位作为项目资金管理的责任主体自主管理使用单位科研项目资金;项目负责人是科研项目资金使用的直接负责人。 All universities and research institutes should attach great importance to and take prompt action. From a practical and practical perspective, they should refine the important measures for the reform of “ decentralization and management services” for the deployment of scientific research funds at the central and provincial levels . The principle is that the project undertaking unit, as the main body responsible for the management of project funds, independently manages the use of the unit's scientific research project funds; the project leader is the direct person in charge of the use of scientific research project funds. Establish a scientific research financial assistant system, strengthen internal management, simplify the approval process, modify and improve the internal management system of the unit, and ensure that the "blocking point" and "last mile" of policy implementation are cleared.

2020 年起将提高至 200 万元。 With regard to government procurement, the Notice clearly states that the provincial government procurement quota standard will be increased to 2 million yuan from 2020 . Colleges and universities and research institutes purchase instruments and equipment and consumables below the quota limit, and purchase them in accordance with the internal management regulations of the unit. The instruments and equipment used for teaching and scientific research activities above the quota limit and the components and parts required to meet their use functions, Furniture, specimens, software and other goods adopt special procurement and on-demand procurement mechanisms, and the units themselves choose the government procurement method.

In addition, the "Notice" also made detailed provisions for simplifying asset allocation procedures, further optimizing processes, streamlining accounting information, and relaxing the requirements for business card settlement in scientific research projects. It was proposed that the asset allocation of teaching and scientific research equipment should be reviewed and approved by universities and research institutes in accordance with the unit's performance and career development needs, combined with asset inventory, financial status, and performance goals, in accordance with the internal management system of the unit. It is not necessary to report to the Provincial Department of Finance and the competent department for the record. Temporary personnel, university students, graduate students, foreign experts and other participants who do not have the qualifications for business card application in scientific research projects. The travel expenses, conference fees, and other expenses incurred in performing project tasks shall be approved by the project leader and the financial department of the unit. You can settle without a business card. ( Ma Jinzhang)