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Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core has made strategic decisions to build a digital China with a view to the future and in line with the general trend. The new generation of information technology is deeply integrated with government reform, economic development, social livelihood and people's livelihood, and China is entering a new stage of digital development.

Vigorously promote the "Internet + government services", so that residents and enterprises can run less errands, do things better, and not block traffic.

Stride on the road to information power

——Written on the opening of the Second Digital China Construction Summit

From digital Fujian to digital China, from digital China to digital sea silk, over the past ten years, in the surging digital world, China has stood the tide and led the show. As the influence of digitization becomes more widespread and profound, the digital age in which production and life change with it is coming with miracles.

The 2nd Digital China Construction Summit concludes with fruitful "Digital" charm

The three-day second Digital China Construction Summit ended at the Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center. During the summit, there were 587 digital economy projects docked in Fujian Province, with a total investment of more than 450 billion yuan. Among them, 308 projects have been signed and implemented, with a total investment of more than 250 billion yuan.

Political mining booth

Fujian's digital economy is ranked second in the country, the comprehensive index of informatization remains at the forefront of the country, and the pace of e-government construction continues to accelerate. Lead and promote changes in all aspects of economic development, social governance, and people's lives. The land of Bamin is steadily advancing towards the goal of "Digital China" model area. Fujian government procurement has developed rapidly with the help of "Digital China"!

The "Fujian Provincial Government Procurement Online Public Information System" is organized to address low procurement efficiency, high prices, long procurement periods, and various non-standard problems in government procurement activities. It makes full use of cloud computing, big data, and electronics. New technologies and business formats such as commerce, innovation of systems and mechanisms, integration of shared resources, and management innovation have been recognized by leaders of the State Council.

System articles

The Fujian Provincial Government Procurement Online Public Information System was launched on March 1, May 1, and July 1, 2017 at the provincial, city, and county levels. After nearly two years of operation, it has been generally stable and the results have begun to show results. Achieve the full coverage of all parties in the procurement, the entire process of electronic implementation of operations, and a full range of information-based supervision means.


Fujian Provincial Government Procurement takes Xi Jinping's thoughts of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era as a guide to action, conscientiously implements the decision-making arrangements of the Central Committee, the Fujian Provincial Party Committee, and the Provincial Government, focuses on high-quality development, implements catch-up goals, and continues to promote the government procurement online open information system Improve and improve, focus on giving play to the role of government procurement policies, further promote the "decentralization of service" reform in the field of government procurement, optimize the business environment, and improve the regulatory mechanism.

Based on the full implementation of the Government Procurement Law and its implementing regulations, and combining with the actual and working practices of Fujian Province, we have explored and formulated the Opinions on Further Strengthening Government Procurement Management, the Fujian Provincial Government Procurement Supervision and Inspection Measures, and The Notice on Purchasing Quality and Price Comparison System and other documents related to simplifying the procurement process, regulating procurement behavior, and strengthening the content of procurement supervision.

The policy system covers all aspects of government procurement budget management, demand management, policy function implementation, procurement execution process management, and supervision and management.It has established a series of standard model systems such as procurement documents, contract documents, information announcements, and archival materials, and has established a legal system. The market rules for procurement have effectively regulated government spending behavior and the government procurement market transaction order.


While strictly implementing the government procurement policy, it also detailed the "Implementation Opinions on Further Implementing Government Procurement to Promote the Development of SMEs", "Notice on Further Implementing the Government Procurement Policy to Support the Employment of Disabled Persons", and Implementation Opinions "Notice on Further Simplifying the Management of Procurement of Scientific Research Instruments and Equipment of Provincial Colleges and Universities and Scientific Research Institutions" to improve the implementation of the policy and achieve the policy objectives.

Implement the spirit of the central and state council meetings to solve the problem of difficult financing for small and medium-sized enterprises, play the role of government procurement in promoting the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, and jointly issue the "Fujian Province Supporting Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" The Interim Measures for the Financing of Government Procurement Contracts "establishes an electronic banking-enterprise docking platform in accordance with the principles of" market leadership, financial guidance, voluntary banking and enterprise risks, "and supports government procurement SMEs through contract financing.

The government of Fujian Province strictly implements the spirit of the “31 Taiwan Benefit Measures” and the province ’s “66 Implementation Opinions”, and Taiwan-funded enterprises can participate in the provincial government's procurement activities fairly. The Fujian Provincial Department of Finance has studied and refined 9 measures in 3 major categories to support and guarantee Taiwan-funded enterprises to participate in government procurement activities at all levels in Fujian Province.

Planning articles

In accordance with the deployment of the "Plan for Deepening the Reform of the Government Procurement System", we have steadily pushed forward the various reforms of the government procurement system in the province. Establish a work responsibility system for coordination between top and bottom, department linkage, and implementation at various levels, to ensure the implementation of various reform tasks of the government procurement system, and accelerate the formation of clear procurement responsibilities, scientific and efficient trading rules, sound regulatory mechanisms, and policy functions in the province. A modern government procurement system with a complete, complete legal system and advanced technology support.