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Finance of Dali Prefecture, Yunnan Province: PPP project on ecological restoration and wetland construction of lakeside buffer zone around the Erhai Lake Basin was successfully implemented

来源: 中国政府采购网打印08:44 December 27, 2019 Source: China Government Procurement Network [ Print ]

PPP project on ecological restoration and wetland construction of the lakeside buffer zone in Dali City's Huanhai Lake Basin. The construction content includes ecological restoration and wetland construction, ecological corridor construction, ecological relocation, pipeline improvement, and research and experimental site construction. The total investment is 9.19 billion yuan. Cooperation The term is 30 years. After the cooperation period expires, the project company will hand over all project facilities to the government-designated agency for free.

In March 2019, the project completed the warehouse release and project procurement. The winning bidder was a consortium of Yunnan Construction Infrastructure Investment Co., Ltd. and Yunnan Construction Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. In August 2019, the government side and the social capital side signed a cooperation agreement, and formed the SPV company, and held the first shareholder meeting. At present, we are stepping up efforts to promote bank financing and lending.

The total length of the main line of the Erhai Lake Ecological Corridor is 129 kilometers, of which 46 kilometers is the Haixi section, 69 kilometers is the Haidong and Haibei sections, and 14 kilometers is the Hainan section. It is planned to complete the construction of a 50km ecological corridor around the lake by the end of this year, and complete the construction of a total of 129km of ecological corridors by the end of 2020. Through the implementation of the Erhai Lake Ecological Corridor Construction Project, repairing and improving the damaged lakeside buffer zone, forming a continuous pollution interception zone around the Erhai Lake, and building ecological monitoring corridors to play a monitoring and management role, thereby creating a collection of ecology, environmental protection, health care, Wisdom in the slow-moving greenway system around the lake.