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The "four measures" of Pingchang County solidly and orderly promote PPP work

来源: 中国政府采购网打印09:08, December 25, 2019 Source: China Government Procurement Network [ Print ]

In order to carry out the PPP work effectively and effectively, consolidate and improve the effectiveness of the work, and further guide more social capital to participate in and support local economic development, the County Finance Bureau's "Four Measures" promoted the PPP work in an orderly manner. As of now, our county has signed 12 land projects with a total estimated investment of 4.729 billion yuan.

The first is the full coverage of institutional norms. The implementation of "specialized personnel, dedicated personnel, specialized personnel" to study the implementation, implementation, promotion and supervision of PPP projects. A series of normative documents such as the "On the Operational Process of Government and Social Capital Cooperation (PPP) Projects" were issued, which were carried out step by step in strict accordance with the five phases of project identification, preparation, procurement, implementation and transfer.

The second is full participation in evaluation and demonstration. Establish a joint review and evaluation mechanism that is led by the finance, and implemented by agencies, development and reform, finance, legal system and other departments, to evaluate and verify the value for money of PPP projects, and arrange them from the budget in accordance with the requirements of all PPP projects in each year Expenditure responsibilities, accounting for no more than 10% of the general public budget expenditures, shall be demonstrated for fiscal affordability, and the project shall not be implemented until the "two verifications" are passed.

The third is the whole process of project management and control. Establish a “Trinity” regulatory framework for performance management, administrative supervision and social supervision, improve the dispute mediation mechanism and the orderly withdrawal mechanism of social capital in the process of project advancement, and ensure that both parties (government and project implementation agencies) in project financing, construction, operation, Abide by the agreement and fulfill the obligations during the whole life cycle such as handover.

Fourth, all project information is public. Proactively enter important information and data such as pre-procedures, implementation plans, evaluation reports, procurement documents, project contracts, project companies, and project implementation into the PPP comprehensive information platform of the Ministry of Finance, and make them public to the society in a timely and timely manner according to the progress of project implementation Accept social supervision to ensure that the project's public information is true, complete, accurate and timely.