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Jiangsu awarded RMB 22.52 million for 7 PPP provincial pilot projects

来源: 政府采购信息网打印13:30, December 23, 2019 Source: Government Procurement Information Network [ Print ]

       PPP项目 奖补资金的通知》(苏财金〔2019〕127号,以下简称《通知》)。 The Finance Department of Jiangsu Province has recently issued the “Notice on Releasing Funds for the Fourth Batch of PPP Projects in 2019 ” (Su Caijin [2019] No. 127, hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”). PPP项目 奖补资金,对符合条件的7个PPP试点项目给予奖补,奖补资金总额2252万元。 The "Notice" pointed out that in order to implement the spirit of the "Provincial Government's Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Cooperation Model between the Government and Social Capital in the Field of Public Services" (Su Zhengfa [2015] No. 101), the provincial government and social capital cooperation (PPP ) The work was carried out. According to the "Administrative Measures for the Compensation and Replenishment Funds of Government and Social Capital Cooperation (PPP) Projects" of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Finance (Su Caiji [2018] No. 16), after research, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Finance issued the fourth batch of PPP project awards for 2019 Replenishment funds were awarded to 7 eligible PPP pilot projects, with a total amount of 22.52 million yuan. Among them: 4 provincial pilot projects are subsidized by 2.4 million yuan in upfront costs, and 3 provincial pilot projects have been awarded subsidy funds of 20.2 million yuan, which are listed in the 2010,699 government financial expenditure items of "Financial Affairs-Other Financial Affairs Expenditure" in 2019.
The "Notice" requires the financial bureaus of Nanjing, Wuxi, Xuzhou, Taizhou, Xinyi, and Xinghua to use bonus funds in strict accordance with the fund management measures. The upfront cost subsidy fund is used for the upfront work such as project consulting services and expert argumentation review. The landing award fund is mainly used for the government party's equity expenditure, operating subsidies and other expenditures related to the PPP project during the entire life cycle of the project. It can also be coordinated by various financial bureaus for project demonstration, legal counsel, supervision and inspection, and performance evaluation. , Subject research, publicity and business training and other related PPP management work. At the same time, all financial bureaus are also required to strictly follow the requirements of the Ministry of Finance's Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Cooperative Development of Government and Social Capital (Cai Jin [2019] No. 10) and other documents to ensure the standardized implementation of PPP pilot projects.
Schedule of early-stage cost subsidies for pilot projects
Serial number area project name
Total investment
(Billion yuan)
Bonus amount
(Ten thousand yuan)
1 Nanjing Sanitation cleaning marketization project in some areas of Jian'ou District 1.74 30
2 Wuxi Wuxi Huishan New City Smart Parking Project 6.5 50
3 Xuzhou Kuihe Sewage Treatment Plant in Xuzhou City and the Drainage and Sewage Diversion Project in Dagou-Yaozhuang Dagou District of Jinshan 19.77 80
4 Xinghua Xinghua Village Domestic Sewage Treatment Project 17.21 80
total 45.22 240

Pilot project landing award supplement schedule
Serial number area project name Total investment
(Billion yuan)
Bonus amount
(Ten thousand yuan)
1 Taizhou Taizhou Hailing District Village Domestic Sewage Treatment Project 9.81 680
2 Taizhou Taizhou Jiangyan Culture and Sports Facility Project 10.07 697
3 Xinyi Xinyi Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Power Generation Project 4.18 635
total 24.06 2012