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Zhenjiang New District implements environmental governance PPP model ahead of time

来源: 金山网打印08:40, December 19, 2019 Source: [ Print ]

Recently, the typical third-party case (second batch) of environmental pollution control in industrial parks organized by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment has been released. The Zhenjiang New District's innovative implementation of the comprehensive air pollution prevention and control PPP project has become one of the six shortlisted projects nationwide. The new district uses government finance to leverage social capital and introduce social resources such as enterprises and colleges into the field of ecological environment protection, which has become a typical demonstration of the transformation of governance measures into governance effects.

In order to guide and support the development of third-party governance of environmental pollution in China's industrial parks, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment led the collection of typical cases of third-party governance of environmental pollution in industrial parks. The first two batches have cumulatively recommended 10 typical domestic cases for local industries. Park reference. Among them, the new area PPP model introduces third-party professional services in the entire process of investment, construction, operation, monitoring and treatment of air pollution prevention, and continuously promotes the professionalization and marketization of environmental governance, in order to jointly build and co-govern and share the actual effects and promote environmental protection. And ecological civilization.

“The Zhenjiang New Area ’s comprehensive air pollution prevention and control PPP project is ahead of national policies with advanced development concepts and strategic perspectives.” In the early stage of the construction of the PPP project in the new area, Ding Zhongli, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People ’s Congress, led a law enforcement inspection team of the Standing Committee of the National People ’s Congress. When the new district was instructed, it affirmed this innovative model.

In recent years, the new zone has actively implemented the national general requirements for the protection of the Yangtze River and the improvement of the ecological environment. With the new material park as the main position, it has innovatively explored the PPP model for the prevention and control of air pollution, promoted the comprehensive prevention and control work in projects, promoted the scientific management of the park, and served the new material industry. Upgrade. The new zone and social capital jointly funded the establishment of Zhenjiang First Chuangyi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., which integrates a variety of technical means such as zone boundaries, plant boundaries, fixed-source online monitoring stations, and mobile monitoring vehicles, to quickly trace the source of the park's characteristic pollutants beyond the standard and the entire region. PM2.5, VOCs and other major air pollutants are monitored 24/7, and technical services such as exhaust gas treatment and environmental stewardship are provided to enterprises that exceed the standards.

At present, the park relies on third-party environmental governance experts to deploy monitoring points at the boundaries of major pollution source enterprises, monitor the VOCs emissions of the enterprise 24 hours a day, and transmit the data to the integrated supervision platform in real time, making the discharge situation clear and targeted. This year, as of December 9, the average PM2.5 concentration in the new district was 47.6 micrograms per cubic meter, a decrease of 11.4% compared with the same period last year. The city ranked second and reached the annual assessment index; the number of excellent days was 65.5%, and the city ranked first. . (Gu Zongxia, Gong Jiangting, Liu Jinglian)