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Extensive solicitation of opinions on Henan Anyang's domestic waste PPP project has a good bidding effect

来源: 政府采购信息报打印08:37, December 20, 2019 Source: Government Procurement Information Paper [ Print ]

Domestic garbage takes up land, pollutes the environment, and even has a great impact on people's health. "Government Procurement Information News" reporter recently learned from the Anyang Municipal Government Procurement Center in Henan Province, the center recently successfully completed the "Anyang Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Power Generation Project PPP Mode Public Bidding" procurement activity. The implementation of this project can guarantee the timely collection and transportation of garbage in Anyang City, which is of great significance to protect the physical and mental health of urban residents and urban appearance, and improve the quality of urban sanitation and environment. So how does the center ensure that the project is completed successfully?
It is understood that the construction content of the project mainly includes garbage reception and pretreatment systems, garbage incineration systems, ash and slag treatment systems, steam turbine power generation and thermal systems, flue gas purification systems, salt water removal systems and other auxiliary facilities, automatic control systems, etc. , As well as plant engineering and off-site supporting projects. The project company supplements the construction fund gap with debt financing. The debt is borne by the project company, but the winning social capital party is responsible for implementing the financing task; the government-funded representative cooperates with social capital to obtain external policy support and implement the project investment construction operation Supervision and management of the entire process, and the project company's articles of association should agree that it has a veto right in major issues such as production and operation to better safeguard government interests and social responsibility. This project adopts the construction-operation-transfer (BOT) PPP operation mode. The project cooperation period is 30 years, of which the construction period is 2 years and the operation period is 28 years.
Brainstorm multiple revisions of prequalification documents
The relevant person in charge of the Anyang Municipal Government Procurement Center told reporters that after accepting the project on April 26, 2018, the center actively cooperated with procurement units to carry out procurement work. It was publicly available on the Henan Provincial Government Procurement Network, Anyang Municipal Procurement Network, and Anyang City. The announcement of comments on the website of the Resource Trading Center attracted widespread attention from the social capital side and received multiple feedbacks.
"Among them, a Hong Kong capital party raised the issue of how to participate in bidding for foreign-funded enterprises that have not applied for business licenses and paid social security in mainland China. After conducting inspections, researches, and consulting with relevant lawyers and experts from purchasing organizations, they thought that as long as they provided Locally valid business licenses or registration certificates or registration certificates or other documents with equivalent legal effect, and provide transfer certificates or payment certificates for paying taxes and MPF in accordance with the law, should be able to participate in PPP project procurement. "Anyang Municipal Government The relevant person in charge of the Purchasing Center said that after revising the pre-qualification documents several times, the center issued a pre-qualification announcement online on June 27, 2018, inviting social capital parties to actively participate. After being evaluated by the pre-qualification team, 11 of the 12 applicants passed the pre-qualification.
Invite social capital to make recommendations to ensure equal treatment
The relevant person in charge of Anyang Municipal Government Procurement Center introduced that on September 5, 2018, the center's official procurement documents and expert demonstrative opinions on the PPP model of Anyang municipal waste incineration power generation project in Anyang City Administration Bureau were on the Henan Provincial Government Procurement Network and Anyang Municipal Government. Procurement Network and Anyang Municipal Public Resources Trading Center website conducted online publicity, inviting potential social capital parties to put forward relevant opinions and suggestions on whether the publicity content is inclined or discriminatory.
"During the period, our center received a number of opinions and suggestions from the social capital side. Our center and procurement units attached great importance to the comments received and reported to the Anyang Finance Bureau Government Procurement Supervision and Management Section and Anyang Finance Bureau PPP Project Center several times. "Anyang City Government Procurement Center person in charge introduced.
No one questioned during the publicity period of the selection process.
According to reports, on March 22, 2019, the Anyang Municipal Government Procurement Center issued a formal tender announcement, inviting 11 prequalified units to participate in this project. On April 15, 2019, the project was opened for bidding, and a total of 4 units participated in the bidding. After review by the review team, Chongqing Sanfeng Environmental Group Co., Ltd. and Henan Urban Development Investment Co., Ltd. were the first candidates for social capital.
After the review, the purchaser set up a working group for the confirmation of the negotiation of the purchase result, and conducted a negotiation of the purchase result. The negotiation working group conducted the confirmation and negotiation of the project contract before the signing of the project contract with the first-ranked candidate social capital according to the ranking of the social capital party recommended in the review report in the public bidding and procurement, and the two parties first reached an agreement. Opinions, determine the top candidate social capital as a pre-bid supplier.