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Lou Hong: Speech at the training course for local government procurement

来源: 中国政府采购网打印10:52 December 16, 2016 Source: China Government Procurement Network [ Print ]


good morning, everyone! After intensive preparations, the training course for local government procurement business started today. Comrades from the government procurement supervision departments and central procurement centers of the financial bureaus of various provinces (cities and districts) gathered to exchange government procurement work. 国库司、政府采购管理办公室,对 干教中心和烟台财会培训中心给予本次培训班的大力支持表示衷心的感谢,同时也 对各位同仁的到来表示热烈欢迎! Just now, Director Dong Xianhui of the Qiang Education Center explained the overall situation and requirements of this training course in detail. On behalf of the Treasury Department and the Government Procurement Management Office, I gave this training course to the Qiang Education Center and the Yantai Finance and Accounting Training Center. I sincerely thank you for your strong support, and warmly welcome all my colleagues!

年政府采购工作的主要情况和下一步的重点任务。 I would like to take this opportunity to brief you on the main situation of the government procurement work in 2016 and the key tasks for the next step.

年主要工作 I. Major Work in 2016

是“十三五”的开局之年, 政府采购围绕贯彻落实党的十八届三中、四中、五中、六中全会精神, 按照全国政府采购工作会议提出的深化政府采购制度改革的总体要求,针对中央巡视提出的政府采购有关问题,以全面落实巡视整改工作为契机,继续推动政府采购制度改革向纵深发展。 2016 is the beginning of the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period. Government procurement is centered on implementing the spirit of the Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Plenary Sessions of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Party and deepening the reform of the government procurement system as proposed by the National Conference on Government Procurement. In response to the overall requirements of the government inspections, the government will continue to promote the reform of the government procurement system by taking the opportunity to fully implement inspections and reforms as an opportunity.

First, the construction of government procurement rules and regulations has entered a new stage. Promote the revision of the regulations of relevant government procurement departments. 对政府采购工作中存在的突出问题, 印发 《关于加强政府采购活动内部控制管理的指导意见》(财库〔 201699号)、 《财政部关于进一步加强政府采购需求管理和履约验收的指导意见》(财库〔 2016205号), 进一步规范政府采购活动中的权力运行,加强源头和结果管理 ;印发《政府采购评审专家管理办法》(财库〔 2016198号),起草《政府采购代理机构监督管理办法(征求意见稿)》,重点解决专家不专、专家权利责任不对等、专家数量不足, 代理机构无序竞争、专业化能力不足、违规操作、执业能力不足等问题 Aiming at the prominent problems in government procurement work, the "Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Internal Control and Management of Government Procurement Activities" (Cai Ku [ 2016 ] No. 99 ) and the "Ministry of Finance's Guidance on Further Strengthening Government Procurement Demand Management and Performance Acceptance" Opinions (Cai Ku [ 2016 ] No. 205 ), further regulating the operation of power in government procurement activities, strengthening source and result management ; printing and issuing the "Administrative Measures for Government Procurement Review Experts" (Cai Ku [ 2016 ] No. 198 ), drafting the "Government Measures for the Supervision and Management of Purchasing Agents (Draft for Soliciting Opinions) "focuses on the issues of unspecified experts, unequal rights and responsibilities of experts, insufficient number of experts, disorderly competition among agencies, insufficient professional ability, illegal operations, and insufficient professional ability .

Second, government procurement has achieved new results in "simplifying administration and decentralization, combining decentralization and management, and optimizing services." 一是大力减少审批审核数量。 The first is to reduce the number of approvals. Implement the central government's policies and measures to expand the procurement autonomy of universities and research institutes, allow central universities and research institutes to purchase scientific research equipment and select their own scientific research equipment and review experts, and implement record-based management of imported scientific research equipment. 二是简化优化审批审核流程。 The second is to simplify and optimize the review and approval process. 个工作日内完成批复。 Purchasing units are required to apply for package changes to purchase methods and purchase of imported products. “Departmental centralized demonstration and unified financial approval” are implemented. A time-bound system is adopted for examination and approval. Approval items that meet the requirements are approved within 5 working days. The third is to strengthen supervision after the event. 建立对中央预算单位政府采购预算和计划编 报情况、变更政府采购方式审批和采购进口产品审核事项执行情况、政府采购信息公开要求落实情况的常态化动态监管机制。 Relying on the government procurement related information system, exploring the use of big data analysis technology, establishing the compilation of government procurement budgets and plans for central budget units , the implementation of changes in government procurement methods, the approval of procurement items, and the implementation of government procurement information disclosure requirements Normalized dynamic regulatory mechanism.

Third, government procurement promotes reform and innovation to achieve new progress. 一是完善政策功能。 The first is to improve policy functions. 委托广西会同有关地区研究提出支持不发达地区和少数民族地区政策建议,会同工信部细化促进中小企业发展政策措施。 Continue to expand the scope of government green procurement, entrust Guangxi with relevant regions to study and put forward policy suggestions to support underdeveloped and minority areas, and work with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to refine policies and measures to promote the development of SMEs. 结合采购人的现实需要深化批量集中采购改革。 The second is to deepen the reform of bulk centralized procurement in accordance with the actual needs of purchasers. 将协议供货价格联动机制扩大到所有批量集中采购品目,重点解决协议供货产品价格虚高问题, 满足采购人紧急、零星等多样化采购需求 The contract supply price linkage mechanism was extended to all batches of centralized procurement items, focusing on solving the problem of unrealistically high prices of the contract supply products to meet the diversified procurement needs of buyers such as emergency and fragmentation . Research and carry out bulk centralized procurement and after-sale services and separate procurement to improve the after-sales service guarantee level of related products. 加强社会信用体系建设。 The third is to strengthen the construction of the social credit system. 印发《财政部关于在政府采购活动中查询及使用信用记录有关问题的通知》(财库 2016125 ),明确了在政府采购活动中查询使用信用信息的总体要求、查询渠道,以及对失信主体的惩戒措施等内容 Issued the “Notice of the Ministry of Finance on Relevant Issues Concerning the Inquiry and Use of Credit Records in Government Procurement Activities” (Cai Ku [ 2016 ] No. 125 ), clarifying the general requirements for inquiry and use of credit information in government procurement activities, inquiry channels, and Disciplinary measures for dishonest subjects . 与多部门签订联合惩戒备忘录,对违法失信上市公司相关责任主体、失信被执行人、安全生产领域失信生产经营单位及其有关人员等违法失信行为当事人,依法限制其参加政府采购活动。 Signed a joint disciplinary memorandum with multiple departments to restrict the parties involved in government procurement activities in accordance with the law with regard to the parties involved in the breach of trust, such as those responsible for the breach of trust in the listed company, the person responsible for the breach of trust, the production and operation unit in the production safety area, and related personnel. 建立中国政府采购网与“信用中国”网站的相关信息共享机制, 管理发布政府采购严重违法失信行为信息。 Establish the relevant information sharing mechanism of the Chinese Government Procurement Network and the "Credit China" website, and manage the release of information on government procurement serious violations of trustworthiness. 四是推进电子卖场建设。 The fourth is to promote the construction of electronic stores. 指导浙江开展电子卖场试点,探索政府采购反向竞价模式,着力解决零星采购的时效性,以及政府采购与社会电商的价格联动问题。 Guiding Zhejiang Province to conduct pilot trials of electronic stores, exploring the reverse bidding model of government procurement, focusing on solving the timeliness of sporadic procurement, and the issue of price linkage between government procurement and social e-commerce. 五是推进公共资源交易平台整合。 The fifth is to promote the integration of public resource trading platforms. 个部门联合部令第39号), 与发展改革委、国土资源部、国资委联合印发《公共资源交易系统数据规范》, 规范公共资源交易平台运行、服务和监督管理, 推动政府采购管理交易系统与公共资源交易服务系统的信息共享。 Jointly issued the "Interim Measures for the Management of Public Resource Trading Platforms" with the Development and Reform Commission (NDRC Order No. 39 of 14 departments including the National Development and Reform Commission ), and jointly issued the "Data Specification for Public Resource Trading System" with the Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Land and Resources, and the SASAC. , Regulate the operation, service and supervision of the public resource trading platform, and promote the sharing of information between the government procurement management transaction system and the public resource transaction service system. 六是继续推进公务机票购买管理改革工作。 Sixth, we will continue to promote the reform of the management of the purchase of official air tickets. 规范公务机票购买行为,将改革逐步延伸到京外中央预算单位和地市级预算单位。 Regulate the purchase of official air tickets, and gradually extend the reform to central budget units and prefecture-level budget units outside Beijing. 七是首次开展中央单位政府采购预算审核工作。 Seventh, the government procurement budget review of the central unit was carried out for the first time. 130家中央部门编制的“二上”预算中政府采购预算进行审核,促使中央单位完整编制政府采购预算。 The government procurement budgets in the "second upper" budgets prepared by 130 central departments were reviewed to encourage central units to prepare government procurement budgets.

Fourth, new steps have been taken in the government procurement innovation supervision model. 一是推进联合惩戒,建立健全部门协同监管机制。 The first is to promote joint disciplinary action and establish and improve departmental coordinated supervision mechanisms.427号), 要求各级财政部门从信息共享和工作协调等方面,主动加强与纪检监察、审计部门的协调配合。 Issued the “Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Finance on Further Improving the Coordinated Supervision Mechanism for Government Procurement” (Caifangku [ 2016 ] No. 427 ), requiring financial departments at all levels to actively strengthen discipline inspection and supervision, audit, and other aspects from information sharing and work coordination. Coordination of departments. 二是 组织全国代理机构监督检查,推行“双随机一公开”运行机制。 The second is to organize national agency supervision and inspection, and promote the "double random and open" operating mechanism. 牵头组织2016年全国代理机构监督检查,按照“纵向联动、统一标准、分级检查、依法处理”的原则,中央、省、市、县四级财政部门共同参与,分级开展对1538家代理机构执业情况的监督检查 ,对检查中发现的专家和代理机构违法违规问题依法处理处罚 Lead the organization of the national agency supervision and inspection in 2016. In accordance with the principle of "vertical linkage, unified standards, hierarchical inspection, and handling according to law," the central, provincial, municipal, and county-level financial departments have jointly participated in the implementation of 1,538 agency practices in different levels. The supervision and inspection shall be punished according to law for the violation of laws and regulations by experts and agencies found during the inspection . The "Ministry of Finance's Announcement on the Implementation of the" Double Random and One Disclosure "Work Rules for Government Procurement Supervision and Inspection" was issued, regulating the random inspection principles of related work, establishing a directory, random inspection methods, random inspection process, and publicizing the results. 加强警示教育。 The third is to strengthen warning education. 在中国政府采购网设立“案例解读”专栏,首批曝光专家评审和代理机构执业中的10个典型案例。 Established a "case interpretation" column on the China Government Procurement Network, and exposed the first batch of 10 typical cases in expert review and agency practice. 近日 国库司正式挂牌成立了政府采购管理三处,将进一步加强政府采购的投诉处理和监督检查工作。 Recently , the Treasury Department officially listed three government procurement management offices, which will further strengthen the complaint handling and supervision of government procurement.

回顾即将过去的2016年,政府采购工作取得了新的进展和成效 ,但与 构建结果导向的政府采购法律制度、政策体系、执行机制、监管模式的要求相比,与社会公众对政府采购的期望相比,仍有很多不足之处,还需要进一步努力加以解决。 Looking back at the upcoming 2016 , government procurement has made new progress and effectiveness , but compared with the requirements for the construction of a result-oriented government procurement legal system, policy system, implementation mechanism, and regulatory model, it is in line with the expectations of the public on government procurement. In contrast, there are still many deficiencies that require further efforts to address.

年重点任务 Key tasks in 2017

年是实现“十三五”改革发展目标的重要一年,按照惯例我们将于明年初印发 2017 年政府采购工作要点 2017 is an important year to achieve the "13th Five-Year Plan" reform and development goals. According to the practice, we will issue the key points of 2017 government procurement work early next year . 在此, 我就明年将重点推进的几项工作和大家普遍关心的几个问题作一些说明,以便大家理解和落实。 Here, I will give some explanations on the work to be carried forward next year and the issues that are of common concern to everyone, so that everyone can understand and implement them.

(1) On the issue of continuing to strengthen the construction of the government procurement system. Implement the regulations around the government procurement law and improve the system at the operational level. 号令),尽快向社会公开征求意见,此项工作已列入明年的立法计划。 Amend the "Measures for Answering Questions and Complaints of Government Procurement Suppliers" (Order No. 20 ), and solicit opinions from the public as soon as possible. This work has been included in the legislative plan for next year. Highlight the problem orientation, combine inspection and rectification requirements, and promptly complete the work of soliciting opinions, research, and demonstration of the Measures for the Supervision and Management of Government Procurement Agencies, and promote the promulgation of the Measures as soon as possible. Implement the requirements for integration and establishment of a unified public resource trading platform, and accelerate the formulation of standardized texts on procurement, government procurement transaction regulations, and technical standards.

(2) Questions about the construction of government procurement informatization. Informatization construction is not only the key content of deepening the reform of the government procurement system, but also an important support means. 月举办了政府采购信息化工作培训班,明确了重点任务和有关要求。 We also held a training course on government procurement informatization in April this year, clarifying key tasks and related requirements. In the next step, all localities should continue to vigorously promote the construction of government procurement information based on the work progress that has been made. The first is to upgrade and reform the relevant information systems and network media in a timely manner, improve the information disclosure function, strengthen the construction of the government procurement network sub-network, establish a solid working mechanism and process in the relevant information system and network media, and strictly implement government procurement information. Public management regulations; Second , in accordance with relevant requirements for public resource transaction information sharing, carry out data sharing between the local government procurement management transaction system and public resource transaction platforms in accordance with laws and regulations; third, make full use of the advantages of information technology to simplify and optimize the review process, The implementation of reform tasks such as dynamic supervision of government procurement and improvement of procurement efficiency, and good technical support; the fourth is to accelerate the establishment of a regional government procurement credit evaluation system, and support the establishment of a review performance system and a record of bad behavior records for review experts and procurement agencies , To implement the requirements of the construction of the social credit system and the requirements of joint disciplinary work against the dishonest subjects.

(3) Issues concerning the management of government procurement review experts.198号)已于1119日正式印发,各级政府采购监管部门要认真学习领会《办法》有关要求,把《办法》的具体规定落到实处,加强有关业务培训和工作指导,切实做好专家选聘、抽取、解聘工作,把好专家入口关、使用关、退出关。 The revised "Administrative Measures for the Evaluation of Government Procurement Experts" (Cai Ku [ 2016 ] No. 198 ) was officially issued on November 19 , and government procurement supervision departments at all levels must carefully study and understand the relevant requirements of the Measures and apply the measures. Implement specific regulations, strengthen relevant business training and work guidance, and do a good job in selecting, hiring, and dismissing experts, and make sure that experts enter, use, and exit. Recently, three tasks are more urgent. First, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Measures, the Ministry of Finance will study and formulate a unified national professional classification standard for reviewing experts and the standards for building a reviewing expert database, build a national reviewing expert database and a central government-level government procurement credit evaluation system, and promote national resources sharing among reviewing experts. Secondly, the local financial department should formulate the management rules and labor remuneration standards of the assessment experts in the region as soon as possible, according to the "Measures", request to clean up and adjust the relevant institutional documents and information systems in the region, organize business training in the region, and strengthen the relevant units. Third, all localities should improve their regional review expert database as soon as possible, improve the random selection work mechanism, and implement the requirements for expert selection, employment, and withdrawal.

(4) Issues on improving the transparency of government procurement.135号)的有关要求,各地在政府采购信息公开方面做了卓有成效的努力,政府采购全过程信息公开机制基本建立。 In accordance with the relevant requirements of the Implementation Regulations of the Government Procurement Law and the Notice of the Ministry of Finance on Doing a Good Job in the Disclosure of Government Procurement Information (Cai Ku [ 2015 ] No. 135 ), local governments have made effective efforts in disclosing government procurement information. The information disclosure mechanism for the entire procurement process has basically been established. But at the same time, there are still some problems: the level and regional differences in the disclosure of government procurement information are large, and the degree of disclosure at the county and city levels is not ideal; the content of information disclosure is not comprehensive enough, and the information disclosure of agreed supply, fixed-point procurement, and batch centralized procurement is open. There are still some shortcomings; the construction of the information publishing platform has not yet been put in place, and the relationship between information sharing with public resource trading platforms has not been properly handled in some places, and the government procurement network in some areas has no network. The main reasons are that the system is not detailed and comprehensive, the main responsibility is not in place, and the supervision and management are not strict. 年,司里将研究修订 《政府采购信息公告管理办法》( 19号令) ,着重解决制度规定不细化和约束力不强的问题,同时将信息公开情况作为政府采购监督检查的重要内容。 In 2017 , the Division will study and revise the Administrative Measures for the Procurement of Government Procurement Information (Decree 19 ) , focusing on solving the problems of the lack of detail and binding force of the system regulations, and the disclosure of information will be an important content of government procurement supervision and inspection. All localities must attach great importance to the disclosure of government procurement information. First, to further improve the transparency of government procurement activities through technical means. Government procurement information disclosed in other government procurement information release media must also be published on the Chinese government procurement network to form a unified information release platform. To create convenient conditions for social supervision; the second is to strengthen the supervision and guidance of procurement units and county and city government procurement information disclosure, strengthen the management of designated media, and ensure that government procurement information disclosure work is implemented; the third is to actively care and respond Situations and problems in the work of information disclosure, especially some hot issues, do a good job of pre-judgment, pre-planning and follow-up, take the initiative to speak out, and solve confusion in a timely manner.

(5) Issues on improving government procurement supervision. Further build a regulatory mechanism that adapts to the transformation of government procurement from a process-oriented to a results-oriented approach, and combine the requirements of simplified administration and decentralization to strengthen supervision after the fact. The first is to improve the normalized supervision mechanism. 违法违规问题依法进行处理处罚,把监督检查作为常态化监管的重要内容。 Do a good job in handling complaints in accordance with the law, continue to carry out agency supervision and inspection, comprehensively implement the "double random and one open" inspection mode, handle penalties for violations of laws and regulations found , and make supervision and inspection an important part of normalized supervision. The second is to improve the dynamic supervision mechanism. This is an important measure to adapt to the reform of simplified administration and decentralization, and to strengthen supervision after the event. Through the supervision of the procurement budget and plan preparation, procurement changes, procurement approval review and information announcement in procurement implementation, budget units are promoted to carry out government procurement activities in accordance with laws and regulations. At present, the Ministry of Finance has begun to carry out related work to strengthen the verification of the procurement announcement information released by the central budget unit on the Chinese government procurement network and the data of the procurement plan management system, and gradually expand the scope of dynamic supervision. All localities should actively explore and promote this work in accordance with the actual situation. The third is to strengthen the collaborative supervision mechanism. 主动利用协同监管机制,强化与纪检监察、审计等部门的信息沟通和工作协调,形成监管合力,提升监管效果。 In actual work, all localities should take the initiative to use the coordinated supervision mechanism to strengthen information communication and work coordination with discipline inspection and supervision, auditing and other departments to form a joint supervision force and improve the supervision effect.

同志们,政府采购工作是一项业务性、专业性很强的工作。 Comrades, government procurement is a professional and highly professional job. 大家平时的工作都很忙,这次的学习机会可以说十分难得。 Everyone is very busy in their daily work, and this learning opportunity is very rare. 希望大家按照干教中心 董显慧 主任对本次培训班的学习要求,端正态度,认真听讲,力求学有所得、学有所获、学以致用,切实提高政府采购业务工作能力。 I hope everyone will follow the study requirements of Director Xianxian Hui of the Qiang Education Center for this training class, take a correct attitude, listen carefully, and strive to learn, gain, and apply what they have learned, and effectively improve the government procurement business work ability.

再过十几天, 2017年即将到来。 In a few more days, 2017 is coming. 日月开新元,天地又一春。 The sun and the moon open the new yuan, and the world is springing again. 祝大家学习愉快,工作顺利,也提前祝大家新年快乐,祝我们的政府采购事业迎来又一个崭新的春天。 I wish you all a happy study and a smooth work, and I wish you a happy New Year in advance, and wish our government procurement business another new spring.

谢谢大家! thank you all!

2016 12 13 日在“地方政府采购业务工作培训班”上的讲话) ( Speech at the "Training Course on Local Government Procurement Work" on December 13 , 2016 )

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