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Lou Hong: Further improve the centralized procurement of central units

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Central government procurement in 2016

Speech at a working meeting (excerpt)

Lou Hong, Inspector, Treasury Department, Ministry of Finance

(June 3, 2016)

I. Central centralized procurement has achieved positive results

During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, especially since the 2013 National Government Procurement Working Conference, with the strong support of various central departments, the central procurement agencies such as the National Acquisition Center continued to strengthen themselves in accordance with the requirements of "transition from procedure-oriented to results-oriented". Construction, standardizing procurement activities according to law, and further improving the quality and efficiency of centralized procurement.
First, the standardization of centralized procurement has been significantly improved. The central centralized procurement agencies focus on improving internal systems, improving mutually restrictive working mechanisms, strengthening internal controls, and strengthening the construction of personnel teams through the organization of regular training and business exchanges to continuously improve the standardization of centralized procurement activities. Judging from the latest centralized procurement assessment, compliance of the procurement documentation of centralized procurement agencies has been further improved. Various types of procurement information are released in a timely manner, channels are standardized, approval procedures are relatively sound, and procurement activities are organized more orderly.
The second is the steady progress of bulk procurement. The central unit started the pilot reform of batch centralized procurement for desktop computers and printers since August 2011. At present, the items purchased in bulk have been expanded to 6 items including portable computers, air conditioners, copiers, and copy paper. In 2015, the central collective procurement agency completed a total of 730 million yuan in bulk purchases, which has doubled compared with 2012. The average purchase price is more than 15% lower than the mainstream e-commerce price in the market, which effectively saves financial funds. The batch centralised procurement and contracted supply linkage carried out by the China National Mining Center has made beneficial attempts to solve the problem of unrealistically high contracted supply prices.
Third, policy functions have been better implemented. Collecting and collecting institutions, as the main force in implementing the procurement policy, earnestly implement preferential measures such as price deductions and reserved shares for SMEs, strictly implement the government procurement list for energy-saving products, implement information security management requirements, and promote the development of related domestic industries. The central purchasing agencies' procurement activities have become the vane to observe the changes in China's procurement policies at home and abroad.
Fourth, the degree of procurement information has been continuously improved. In recent years, the National Mining Center has continued to explore online shopping malls, electronic review, and online performance information feedback. For example, in centralized procurement projects with a large amount of bidding data such as contracted supply and fixed-point procurement, online bidding will be implemented to significantly reduce the supplier's bidding cost; measures such as electronic back-selling and online secondary bidding will further reduce the purchase price; develop bulk purchase The fulfillment information query function provides timely logistics information on the successful bids for batch purchases and completed products, and strives to provide efficient and convenient procurement services for central units.
In general, the central procurement agencies have established regulations and strengthened internal control management to basically form a government procurement agency implementation mechanism with standardized procedures, unified processes, and professional operations. They are improving the use of procurement funds and implementing government procurement. It has played an irreplaceable role in policies and the promotion of a clean government. In particular, the National Mining Center overcomes the difficulties of multiple projects and heavy tasks. In 2015, it completed a total of 18.2 billion yuan in procurement and completed 1,386 procurement projects, which effectively guaranteed the normal operation of the central state organs. Of course, we must also see that with the continuous increase in the volume of centralized procurement business, centralized procurement agencies are also facing the contradiction between heavy procurement tasks and insufficient staffing, and the professionalism of procurement personnel is difficult to meet the needs of complex procurement projects. Purchasing quality, price, and service In particular, there is still much room for improvement in procurement efficiency.
Second, the situation and tasks facing government procurement reform and management development
According to the overall deployment of the National Government Procurement Working Conference held last year, the general idea of the current and future period of government procurement management reform and development is to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Party, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Plenary Sessions of the 18th National Congress of the CPC. Focusing on the implementation of the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, following the requirements for establishing a modern financial system, further deepening the reform of the government procurement system, and striving to build a result-oriented government procurement legal system, policy system, implementation mechanism, and supervision model to further promote government procurement Significant changes in management from process-oriented to results-oriented.
The first is to pay more attention to improving the procurement management chain and speed up the improvement of the government procurement legal system. The focus is on revolving around the implementation of the government procurement law, improving the system at the operational level, implementing innovative measures such as strengthening procurement requirements management, strengthening contract acceptance, and other innovative measures to form an institutional system that is conducive to fair competition, standardized management, and result-oriented as soon as possible. The central units and gathering agencies should improve the system and make up for the shortcomings in accordance with the above requirements.
Second, pay more attention to the effect of policy implementation, and vigorously improve the government procurement policy system. Further clarify the focus of policy support, enrich policy support methods, strengthen policy management, extend the focus of procurement policy support measures from the review process to the front-end of procurement requirements formulation and procurement method selection, increase procurement requirements standards, non-tender procurement methods, etc. Application of policy instruments. Taking demand standards and procurement policies as the starting point, give full play to the active role of government procurement in supply-side reforms, and promote economic restructuring and transformation of social development. Central units and centralized procurement agencies must effectively enhance their consciousness and initiative in implementing procurement policies and make good examples for local governments.
The third is to pay more attention to procurement performance and continue to improve the government procurement implementation mechanism. The focus is to establish and improve the internal control management mechanism of government procurement, implement new information disclosure requirements such as the disclosure of procurement project budgets, procurement documents, contracts, government procurement budget arrangements, and the implementation of general information, and promote the entire process of procurement activities. Central units and centralized procurement agencies should place internal control management and information disclosure in a prominent position, promote internal management to promote management improvement, and openly promote behavioral standards.
The fourth is to pay more attention to the combination of decentralization and management, and actively innovate the government procurement supervision model. We will conscientiously implement the requirements for streamlining administration and decentralization, further simplify the procedural review process such as optimizing changes in procurement methods, and provide efficient services for procurement units. We will continue to focus on large and small, and appropriately increase procurement quotas and open bidding standards. Actively improve supervision methods, innovate supervision methods, strengthen cooperation with audit departments, clarify the focus of their respective supervision and inspection, and form a synergy of supervision. Strengthen the credit information records of suppliers, procurement agencies and review experts in procurement activities, realize information sharing with the social credit system, and promote the establishment of a working mechanism for keeping promises, encouraging disciplinary punishment.
3. Further improve the centralized procurement of central units
Centralized procurement is the main channel and an important part of government procurement. Doing a good job of centralized procurement by central units has important guiding significance and exemplary role in promoting the development of the national government procurement system. In accordance with the general thinking of the reform and development of government procurement management, the promotion of centralized central procurement should focus on the following areas:
(1) Scientifically and reasonably formulate the catalog and standards for centralized procurement. In the new phase of the central budget unit's centralized procurement catalogue and standard formulation, on the basis of fully listening to the opinions of the central unit, the overall consideration of the characteristics of the procurement project, the implementation of policy and functional requirements, and the development status of the procurement agency will be taken into account. Development positioning and reasonable determination of the scope of centralized procurement. Implement national requirements for "decentralized management" reforms, increase decentralized procurement quotas and open bidding standards, reduce the proportion of bidding and procurement costs; simplify the procurement management of scientific research equipment, and central universities and research institutes can implement projects in the centralized procurement directory. Procuring and selecting review experts yourself.
(2) Clear power and responsibility relationship in centralized procurement activities. For the procurement items included in the centralized procurement catalog, the purchaser shall entrust the procurement organization to purchase in accordance with the law, and do a good job in planning and reporting, demand determination, contract signing, performance acceptance, and information disclosure. Collecting and collecting agencies shall strengthen the research on the project requirements in the centralized procurement catalog, effectively control the procurement requirements, and implement the procurement policies, asset management, and security requirements in accordance with the requirements of completeness, clarity, and compliance. It is necessary to strengthen the organization and management of procurement activities, prioritize the procurement of items in the centralized procurement catalog, and indeed take the extra responsibility to undertake the procurement tasks of items outside the catalog to ensure the smooth and efficient procurement of centralized procurement projects. We must firmly establish the concept of serving the purchaser, do a good job in the relevant services of the procurement process, meet the needs of the purchaser to the greatest extent, and effectively improve the satisfaction of the purchaser.
(3) Optimize batch centralized purchase management. Aiming at the problems of long procurement cycles and unsatisfactory performance of suppliers in batch centralized procurement, based on the research and establishment of a linkage mechanism between batch centralized procurement results and agreed supply prices, the proportion of agreed supply in batch centralized procurement items should be appropriately increased. Meet the purchaser's temporary procurement requirements. Explore the establishment of a buyer's evaluation mechanism for supplier performance, and use the evaluation results in subsequent procurement reviews to promote suppliers to provide better products and services to buyers
(4) Speed up the standardization of procurement documents. The standardization of procurement documents is of great significance to standardize procurement activities, implement procurement policy functions, and improve procurement efficiency. The National Collection Center should play a supporting role in the construction of demand standards for general-purpose products and the standardization of procurement documents. Combined with product market conditions and industrial development conditions, it should cooperate with the research and formulation of standard texts for government procurement tender documents for related items. Launch one. All central units should also actively support the work of the National Collection Center and the Ministry of Finance, actively promote the application of standardized texts of government procurement, and provide more opinions and suggestions for the standardization of procurement documents.
(5) Focus on strengthening internal control. Strengthening the construction of internal control mechanisms for government procurement is a clear requirement of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee. The Ministry of Finance is studying and formulating guidelines for strengthening internal control management in government procurement activities. All central units and collective procurement agencies should attach great importance to the construction of internal control of government procurement, and implement it in accordance with the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session and the requirements of the Ministry of Finance. Focusing on the easy and frequent violations of laws and regulations in procurement activities, grasping the key links of procurement requirements and review rule formulation, procurement activity review, contract conclusion and performance acceptance, and information disclosure, strengthen internal control measures, strictly control various risks, and improve Standardization and professionalism of procurement activities.

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