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Liu Kun: Innovating the concept of reform, strengthening the result-oriented, striving to do a good job in government procurement

来源: 中国政府采购网打印December 03, 2015 17:06 Source: China Government Procurement Network [ Print ]

Deputy Minister of Finance Liu Kun

充分认识政府采购工作面临的新形势 I. Fully understand the new situation facing government procurement

年全国政府采购工作会议以来,政府采购制度改革围绕“推动政府采购管理从程序导向型向结果导向型的重大变革”的思路,不断向纵深推进,取得显著成效。 Since the National Conference on Government Procurement in 2013 , the reform of the government procurement system revolves around the idea of "promoting major changes in government procurement management from a process-oriented to a result-oriented", and has continued to advance in depth and achieved significant results. 年全国采购规模达到1.7万亿元,占全国财政支出和GDP的比重分别为11.4%2.7% ;采购结构不断优化,政府购买服务有序推进, 2014年服务采购实现1934亿元,连续四年保持25%以上增长;法规体系不断健全,政府采购法实施条例颁布实施,政府采购法制建设迈出重要一步,竞争性磋商采购方式、 PPP项目采购等适应改革需要的有关管理制度相继出台;政策功能不断显现,强制和优先采购节能环保产品、支持中小企业等政策不断完善,政府采购支持信息安全、监狱企业发展等工作取得新进展;改革创新不断推进,批量集中采购成效明显,公务机票管理改革取得积极进展;监督检查不断加强,在取消代理机构资格认定行政许可的同时,全国联动的专项检查等事后监管有力推进;开放谈判不断深入,向世贸组织提交了加入《政府采购协定》(以下简称“ GPA ”)第6份出价, The scale of procurement has continued to increase.In 2014 , the national procurement scale reached 1.7 trillion yuan, accounting for 11.4% and 2.7% of the national fiscal expenditure and GDP , respectively.The procurement structure has been continuously optimized, and government procurement services have been advanced in an orderly manner.In 2014 , service procurement reached 1934. 100 million yuan, maintaining a growth rate of more than 25% for four consecutive years; continuous improvement of the regulatory system, the promulgation and implementation of the government procurement law implementation regulations, an important step in the construction of the government procurement legal system, competitive negotiation of procurement methods, PPP project procurement and other relevant management to meet the needs of reform The system has been introduced successively; policy functions have continued to appear, policies for compulsory and priority procurement of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly products, and support for small and medium-sized enterprises have been continuously improved; new progress has been made in government procurement support for information security and prison enterprise development; reform and innovation have continued to advance, and batch centralized procurement has achieved significant results Positive progress has been made in the reform of the management of official air tickets. Supervision and inspection have been continuously strengthened. At the same time as the administrative license for agency qualifications has been cancelled, special inspections such as national joint inspections have been vigorously advanced. Open negotiations have continued to deepen. Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the " GPA ") bid, The level of bidding has been roughly comparable to the participants. 多边、双边政府采购谈判稳步推进。 Multilateral and bilateral government procurement negotiations, such as free trade zones and investment agreements , have advanced steadily.

At the same time, we must see that as China's economic development enters a new normal, the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Party, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Plenary Sessions of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the implementation of the Central Committee ’s "four comprehensive" strategic layout and the "13th The "Five" development plan suggests that a new round of fiscal and taxation system reforms be accelerated. The situation facing government procurement continues to undergo profound changes and puts forward many new requirements.

(1) The new positioning of the relationship between the government and the market places new requirements on the implementation and management of government procurement . 多年间,对政府和市场关系的定位,一直在按照建立和完善社会主义市场经济体制的方向深化。 For more than 20 years since the 14th National Congress of the CPC, the positioning of government and market relations has been deepened in accordance with the direction of establishing and improving the socialist market economic system. The Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee proposed that the market play a decisive role in resource allocation and better play the role of government. Government procurement is connected to the government by one end and the other by the market. According to this positioning, it is necessary to recognize the main attack direction and pinpoint the focus of work. First, the requirements for improving government procurement transaction rules have become more prominent. To play the decisive role of the market in government procurement, we must follow the requirements of accelerating the improvement of the market system, adhere to the principles of fair, fair and open market competition, strive to improve the rules of fair transactions in procurement activities, and promote the formation of a unified, open, competitive and orderly government procurement. Market system. Second, the scope of government procurement has expanded. 等相关改革,实际上都是将原本由政府直接提供的公共服务,转为向社会力量购买或合作提供。 Government procurement services, government-social capital cooperation, and other related reforms, such as PPP , have in fact turned public services that were originally provided directly by the government into purchases or cooperative cooperation with social forces. This has not only formed a new pattern of increasing government procurement, but also requires government procurement to actively explore management systems and enforcement mechanisms that are compatible with it, further improving the level of professionalism in implementation and supervision, and ensuring a smooth and efficient procurement process and effective public services. provide. Third, the requirement to strengthen government procurement market supervision is more urgent. To give better play to the role of the government, the government is required not to be an "athlete" to play in economic activities, but to formulate and implement the rules of the game, be an "referee", and maintain a fair and just market order. As the government procurement supervision department, the financial department must adapt to the requirements of simplified administration, decentralization, and decentralization, and work harder to build a standardized and transparent working mechanism with fair competition, supervision in place, and strict accountability. "Luxury purchases" and "black-hearted purchases" have taken more effective measures.

(2) The new task of advancing administration according to law has put forward new requirements for the legalization of government procurement . The Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee will make strategic arrangements for comprehensively advancing the rule of law, clarifying the major tasks of further advancing administration according to law and accelerating the construction of a government governed by law. As an important part of public financial management, government procurement must revolve around the implementation of the "decisions" of the Fourth Plenum and comprehensively promote the construction of the rule of law. First, the task of improving the government procurement regulations system is even more arduous. Only by perfecting the hard system constraints can we have laws and rules to follow. The promulgation and implementation of the implementing regulations of the Government Procurement Law have linked up with higher-level laws and departmental regulations and improved the basic legal and regulatory framework, but there is still a lot of work to clean up, amend and refine the work. At the same time, the requirements for the scientific and refined system construction have been further enhanced. It is necessary to implement procedural requirements such as public consultation and legality review to enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of the system. Second, the requirements for strengthening power constraints in procurement activities are clearer. Powers without constraints are more likely to be abused and out of control. This requires us to implement the relevant requirements of the Fourth Plenary Session on strengthening the internal control of government procurement, vigorously promote the power of branch affairs, the establishment of posts, and hierarchical authorization, and scientifically decompose the excessively concentrated power into multiple positions, multiple levels, and regularly Rotate, strengthen internal process control, and look at the "hand of power" that is stretched out in procurement. At the same time, it is necessary to meet the requirements of establishing a comprehensive, standardized, open and transparent modern budget system, establish and improve the information disclosure mechanism of the entire process of government procurement, and further improve the transparency and credibility of government procurement. Third, the requirement to improve procurement administrative law enforcement capabilities is even more urgent. In the context of the continuous improvement of the level of rule of law in the country and the increasing awareness of the rights of market players, the number of petitions, reports, complaints, administrative reconsiderations, and administrative lawsuits in government procurement has continued to rise, the situation has become increasingly complex, and it has become increasingly difficult to handle. It is required that we further strengthen the awareness of administration in accordance with the law, continuously improve the level and ability of government procurement administrative law enforcement, and effectively prevent legal risks in administrative law enforcement activities.

(3) The new concept of the development of the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" places new requirements on the function of government procurement policies . The "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" proposal emphasizes that in order to achieve the development goals of the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, solve development problems, and build development advantages, we must firmly establish an innovative, coordinated, green, open, and shared development concept. Government procurement is an important regulatory tool for achieving the national economic and social development goals. We must actively implement and implement these new concepts and continuously improve the level of work. First, new breakthroughs must be made in the area of policy support. At present, China's government procurement policy mainly targets economic development and industrial goals. To implement the five development concepts, we must not only focus on supporting industrial development and economic restructuring, but also pay more attention to and improve people's livelihood, and strengthen the linkage with policies and measures such as the transformation of government functions and the reform of public institutions and industry associations. Second, there must be new adjustments in policy support. From the international situation, in the design of procurement policies in western developed countries, there are both the use of review methods such as preferential procurement and price review preferences, as well as the use of non-review methods such as technical service safety standards, reserved shares, and non-tender procurement methods. And the latter is more widely used. However, as China's procurement management focuses more on the limitation of procedures and also focuses on the use of review methods in policy means, it is necessary to further strengthen the procurement demand management and the formulation of related standards. Third, there must be a new mechanism for policy implementation. China's current procurement policy mainly regulates procurement activities through clear management regulations, but the subjective initiative incentives for purchasers and procurement agencies to implement procurement policies are not enough. It is necessary to strengthen publicity and guidance while implementing mandatory regulations. Turn government procurement policy ideas into conscious actions of purchasers and creatively implement them in specific projects.

(4) The construction of a new open economy system puts forward new requirements for government procurement . 谈判,加快自由贸易区的政府采购议题谈判。 The Party Central Committee and the State Council clearly stated in this year's "Several Opinions on the Construction of a New Open Economic System" that China should join the GPA negotiations and speed up negotiations on government procurement issues in free trade zones. The opening of the government procurement market can expand new space for international economic cooperation, open up new channels for Chinese enterprises to "go global", and also help optimize China's opening up to the outside world, promote the implementation of the "Belt and Road" strategy, and strengthen China's rules and standards in the global economic system. The right to speak in development. Government procurement has become an important part of the country's construction of a new open economic system, which requires us to establish a big picture and carry out government procurement with an international perspective and an open mind. First, we must focus on promoting negotiations. 和自贸区政府采购议题谈判是政府采购市场开放谈判的主要领域,要统筹把握,稳中求进,重点是加快我国加入GPA谈判进程。 Joining the GPA and the negotiation of government procurement issues in the free trade zone are the main areas of the government procurement market opening negotiations. We must make overall plans to ensure stability and progress, with the focus on accelerating China's entry into the GPA negotiation process. Our bid negotiation is only "the last mile" from the end, and all the problems are concentrated in this area.We need to overcome difficulties and reach mutually beneficial and win-win negotiations with the participants as soon as possible, so as to strive for early accession to the GPA . Second, we must focus on supporting the reform. Market opening is an extension of government procurement from domestic management to the field of international trade, and it is necessary to coordinate the development of government procurement reform in accordance with the requirements of "promoting openness through reform and promoting reform through openness".

准确把握政府采购管理改革与发展的总体思路 2. Accurately grasp the overall thinking of government procurement management reform and development

的道路上迈出新的步伐。 According to the above situation and requirements, the general idea of the reform and development of government procurement management in the coming period is to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Party, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Plenary Sessions of the 18th CPC Central Committee and focus on the implementation of the "four comprehensive" strategy. Layout, follow the requirements of establishing a modern financial system, further deepen the reform of the government procurement system, strive to build a result-oriented government procurement legal system, policy system, implementation mechanism, and supervision model, and further promote government procurement management from a process-oriented to a results-oriented Major changes in the market, further promote market opening negotiations, and take new steps on the road to joining the GPA .

In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the overall thinking of government procurement management reform and development, we must focus on the following aspects of work requirements:

(1) Pay more attention to improving the procurement management chain and accelerate the improvement of the government procurement legal system . The government procurement legal system with the government procurement law and its implementing regulations as the core is the basis for the reform of the government procurement system. The core task of the construction of the government procurement system is to revolve around the implementation of the government procurement law, improve the system at the operational level, implement the regulations to strengthen innovative requirements such as procurement demand management, and strengthen compliance inspection and acceptance. system. The first is to strengthen procurement demand management. Scientific and reasonable procurement requirements are not only the starting point of procurement activities, but also the prerequisite to ensure the satisfaction of procurement results. It is necessary to study and formulate relevant management methods, implement the purchaser's demand responsibility, guide the purchaser to strengthen demand management, further strengthen the fair transaction rules of “determine demand first and then compete for quotation”, and promote the realization of “value for money” procurement goals. The second is to strengthen the management of procurement results. Establishing a procurement performance acceptance and results evaluation mechanism is an important step in achieving closed-loop procurement management. It is necessary to further improve the system construction of procurement results management, standardize procurement performance acceptance, strengthen the use of procurement evaluation results, form effective feedback on procurement budgets, procurement requirements, and procurement reviews, and provide support for the construction of a government procurement credit system. The third is to highlight problem orientation. 采购等相关制度,加强针对性、指导性和可操作性,更好地解决实践中出现的问题。 According to the needs of reform and practice, accelerate the development of urgently needed management systems such as electronic procurement, confidential procurement, agency management, and supervision and inspection, study and improve government procurement services, PPP procurement and other related systems, and strengthen pertinence, guidance, and operability. Solve problems that arise in practice.

(2) Pay more attention to the effect of policy implementation and vigorously improve the government procurement policy system . The support of government procurement for specific objects is to achieve certain economic and social development goals, as well as higher levels of social equity and justice. To this end, sacrificing partial equity is the intended meaning of achieving the goal of value for money in procurement, and it is also international. Common practice. Facing the three characteristics of speed change, structural optimization, and power conversion under the new normal, and in accordance with the five development concepts proposed in the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan", it is necessary to further study the implementation policy of the government procurement level, enhance the pertinence, precision, and orientation. Regulation. The first is to further clarify the priorities of policy support. We will coordinate economic, social, and reform and development goals and improve the top-level design of policies. Efforts will be made to improve government procurement policies that prioritize the use of innovative products and green products, and further promote government procurement industry support policies to play a greater role in such areas as "double innovation", technological innovation, and green and low-carbon development. ”及信息安全等相关政策,促进新技术、新产业、新业态蓬勃发展。 Formulate relevant policies on government procurement to support cloud computing, big data, "Internet + " and information security, and promote the vigorous development of new technologies, new industries, and new formats. Research and improve government procurement policies and measures in the fields of ensuring and improving people's livelihood, expanding employment, promoting the employment of disabled people, and supporting minority enterprises. We will improve government procurement services and procurement support policies, cultivate and develop social organizations, and promote related reforms in institutions and industry chambers of commerce. The second is to further enrich the means of policy support. Innovate control measures and policy tools to enhance the effectiveness of policies and make procurement policies executable, predictable and evaluable. Extend the focus of procurement policy support measures from the review process to the front-end of procurement requirements formulation and procurement method selection, and increase the application of policy means such as procurement demand standards and non-tender procurement methods. The third is to further strengthen policy management. Clarify and implement the main responsibility of the purchasing unit, and enhance the consciousness and initiative of the purchasing unit in implementing the procurement policy. Intensify the inspection and assessment of policy implementation, pay attention to the use of internal control mechanisms, information system control, big data analysis and other means to promote the implementation of various procurement policies, and promote the conversion of policy red envelopes into development dividends.

(3) Pay more attention to procurement performance and continuously improve the implementation mechanism of government procurement . The essence of value for money is the balance and unification of quality, price and efficiency. Establishing a standardized, efficient and transparent procurement execution mechanism is an inevitable requirement to ensure that the procurement results are value for money. With the internal control system construction and information disclosure as the starting point, we will promote more standardized, efficient and transparent procurement activities. Establish and improve the internal control and management mechanism of government procurement, conduct pre-event prevention, in-event control, and post-event supervision of risk issues in government procurement activities, and promote government procurement optimization processes, standardized operations, and efficient implementation. Strengthen government procurement information management, implement new information disclosure requirements such as the disclosure of procurement project budgets, procurement documents, contracts, government procurement budget arrangements, and the implementation of general information, and promote the disclosure of the entire process of procurement activities. The government procurement work solved doubts and increased trust. Adhere to the principle of focusing on large and small, and cost-effectiveness, strengthen professionalism and informationization, and improve the performance of procurement activities. Strengthen the institutional guarantees that are conducive to improving efficiency, and clean up and regulate the quota standards for public procurement and the standards for the amount of open tenders. If the current standards are too low, they should be appropriately raised. Correctly handle the relationship between centralization and decentralization, and consider factors such as the scale of procurement, the characteristics of procurement projects, and the development status of procurement agencies to reasonably determine the centralized procurement directory. Guide purchasers to strengthen the planning of procurement activities and make timely preparations for procurement needs to ensure the smooth implementation of procurement activities. Promote the agency to follow the path of professional development, strengthen professional capabilities such as demand agency and contract drafting, and improve procurement performance with specialization. ”行动计划,增强信息化手段在政府采购活动中的应用,积极推行电子化采购,大力发展政府采购电子卖场。 Implement the "Internet + " action plan in government procurement activities, strengthen the application of information technology in government procurement activities, actively promote electronic procurement, and vigorously develop government procurement electronic stores.

(4) Pay more attention to the combination of decentralization and management, and actively innovate the government procurement supervision model . The in-depth promotion of the combination of simplified administration, decentralization, and decentralization, with supervision in the service, is an important mechanism guarantee to achieve the orientation of government procurement results. The combination of tube release must be both open and manageable. The first is to conscientiously implement the requirements for streamlining administration and decentralization, further simplify and optimize the procedural review process, and provide efficient services for procurement units. Financial departments at all levels shall not conduct disguised administrative examination and approval of agency practice in any form, and no longer approve procurement plans. The choice of sources for experts will be relaxed, and the authority to select experts from outside the expert bank will be delegated to the competent budget unit through system adjustment. Changes in procurement methods, approval of items such as imported products shall be implemented within a limited time, and the reporting requirements shall be simplified as much as possible. Actively exploring the use of blanket approval, "unified argumentation, centralized approval" and other methods to improve work efficiency. The second is to focus on the effects of supervision, actively improve supervision methods, and innovate supervision methods. It is necessary to explore the establishment of a normalized supervision and inspection mechanism, make supervision and inspection an important part of government procurement supervision, and formulate and implement inspection plans. In accordance with the requirements of "lenient access and strict control", we will focus on strengthening the inspection of the agency's practice, and carry out special inspections such as the disclosure of government procurement information and the implementation of procurement policies in a timely manner according to the needs of the work. Innovate inspection methods, establish a "double random" random inspection mechanism, scientifically determine random inspection objects, reasonably determine the random inspection ratio and frequency, and ensure the coverage and balance of random inspections. Explore the purchase of inspection services from law firms and other social organizations to solve the existing problem of insufficient supervision power and gradually cultivate a professional social inspection force. The third is to conscientiously report and handle government procurement complaints and investigate and deal with illegal activities in procurement activities. Strengthen the cooperation with the audit department, clarify the focus of their respective supervision and inspection, and form a joint supervision force. Strengthen the credit information records of suppliers, procurement agencies and review experts in procurement activities, realize information sharing with the social credit system, and promote the establishment of a working mechanism for keeping promises, encouraging disciplinary punishment.

(5) Pay more attention to negotiations and work hard to create conditions for market opening . External negotiations and domestic responses are interrelated, conditional and mutually reinforcing. The focus of the current negotiation work should be on domestic responses. Only with adequate domestic preparations can we strive for initiative in the negotiations. The first is to conduct in-depth bid research. 谈判,出价是核心。 Joining the GPA negotiations, bidding is the core. We should further carry out research in accordance with the requirements of knowing ourselves and knowing one another, and improve the negotiation plan in accordance with the principle of placing equal emphasis on bidding and asking price, and provide technical support for the negotiation result of reciprocity and reciprocity. The second is to actively carry out supporting reforms. 规则衔接,为谈判营造良好环境。 It is necessary to study legal adjustment proposals and prepare for the next step of legal consistency negotiations; further expand the scope of government procurement and create conditions for bid negotiations; improve government procurement policies, link with GPA rules, and create a good environment for negotiations. The third is to coordinate and promote other reforms. 对我国经济社会带来的影响,按照兴利除弊的要求,积极推进十八届三中全会提出的各项改革,为加入GPA解决后顾之忧。 It is necessary to further analyze the impact of joining the GPA on China's economy and society, and actively promote the reforms proposed by the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee in accordance with the requirements of benefiting and eliminating disadvantages, so as to solve the worries for joining the GPA .

着力抓好重点工作任务的落实 Third, focus on the implementation of key tasks

The overall thinking of the reform and development of government procurement management has been clear. Fiscal departments at all levels must incorporate government procurement into the overall deployment of fiscal reform. In accordance with the above thinking and work requirements, they must be promoted as a whole and fully implemented. In the near future, we must focus on the following areas:

(1) Make efforts to implement the implementing regulations of the Government Procurement Law . The formulation and implementation of the regulations on the implementation of the government procurement law is a milestone in the process of building the legal system for government procurement, and it marks a more solid step for China to accelerate the establishment of a fully standardized, open and transparent government procurement system. Conscientiously implementing the relevant requirements of the Regulations is an important task of current government procurement. First, continue to strengthen learning and publicity. Since the promulgation of the "Regulations", various departments and departments in various places have carried out extensive learning and training, and the relevant units have also carried out propaganda and reports in various ways, and achieved significant results. However, from the actual situation, some provisions of the Regulations and innovative measures are still not implemented, and financial departments at all levels should further increase their efforts to ensure that the Regulations study and publicize "full coverage" and achieve "vertical end to end, horizontal reach side". The second is to strengthen the construction of related supporting systems. The "Regulations" have further improved the system of government procurement regulations and established work targets for the construction of the government procurement system. In accordance with the requirements of the Regulations, the Ministry of Finance is stepping up its efforts to clean up, amend and refine the various regulations and systems of government procurement to fill the gaps in the system. Local financial departments should also actively do a good job in the construction of relevant systems to consolidate the foundation of the government procurement system. The third is to further clarify the scope of government procurement management. The "Regulations" further clarify the concept of financial funds, the application of laws on government procurement projects and government procurement of public services. 项目采购的实施力度,实现应采尽采。 Financial departments at all levels should actively implement the relevant provisions of the Regulations, comprehensively integrate procurement projects whose funds are included in budget management into government procurement management, increase the implementation of service project procurement, and PPP project procurement to achieve the best possible results. Fourth, the implementation of key measures such as information disclosure. The "Regulations" stipulate new transparency requirements for public procurement project budgets, procurement documents, procurement contracts, etc. Finance departments at all levels must do a good job in disclosing government procurement information in accordance with relevant regulations, formulate supporting measures and detailed regulations, and promote sunny procurement. In addition, we must speed up the formulation of government procurement tender documents and contract standard texts, and continuously improve the standardization of government procurement.

(2) Strengthen the internal control of government procurement . Establishing and implementing the internal control mechanism of government procurement is a clear requirement of the Fourth Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the CPC. It is of great significance to all parties involved in government procurement to implement the responsibilities of the party's conduct and clean government, improve management levels, and promote procurement in accordance with law. The Ministry of Finance is stepping up the formulation of guidance on the internal control of government procurement, and local financial departments should attach great importance to the construction of internal control of government procurement in accordance with the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session and the specific requirements of the Ministry of Finance, and take it as a key task of government procurement at this stage. The actual implementation in all places should be done well and the results achieved. The first is to clarify the focus of prevention and control. It is necessary to urge purchasers and agencies to sort out and refine all the processes and links of government procurement execution, strengthen risk identification and analysis, and comprehensively check and leave no dead ends. On the basis of a comprehensive review, we focus on the key issues such as frequent and prone to violations of laws and regulations in government procurement activities, tightly twisting demand and the development of review rules, bid evaluation and review, contract signing and performance acceptance, and information disclosure. Strictly control various risks. The second is to strengthen internal control measures. To guide purchasers and agencies, comprehensively use conventional internal control methods such as incompatible positions or separation of duties, authorization control, process control, and information system control, and explore the establishment of centralized management of internal procurement of units, internal consultation on major procurement matters, expert consultation and Public participation and other industry-specific internal control mechanisms improve the level of internal control management. The third is to strengthen supervision and accountability. The task of internal control mechanism construction should be broken down and detailed, and the division of tasks and work plans should be formulated to urge the purchasers and agents to strictly implement. The construction of the internal control mechanism and the implementation of tasks shall be taken as the key content of government procurement supervision and inspection and work assessment, and regular inspections and notifications shall be made to ensure that the internal control construction is put in place.

(3) Promote the construction of government procurement informatization . Judging from the practice of government procurement reform, the government procurement informationization construction has clearly lagged behind the overall development of fiscal informationization construction, and it is also the short board and weak link of government procurement work, which severely restricts reform advancement, efficiency improvement and regulatory innovation. Advancing informatization construction and consolidating the technical support for government procurement are important basic tasks to promote the reform and development of government procurement management and innovate procurement supervision methods. Financial departments at all levels shall incorporate the government procurement informatization construction work into the overall deployment of fiscal informatization construction, unify planning, overall arrangements, and coordinate advancement. The first is to further strengthen government procurement informatization planning research, organization and implementation, personnel input and funding guarantees, and promote government procurement informatization construction to shift gears and speed up and overtake corners. The second is to speed up the implementation and promotion of the government procurement management and transaction system, to achieve coordinated linkage and closed-loop operation in all aspects of government procurement supervision and management and execution of transactions, to gradually promote the integration of all government procurement projects into system management, and to strengthen the open sharing of government procurement information resources and big data analysis. The third is to vigorously strengthen the construction of the Chinese government procurement network, realize "one-stop" aggregation of procurement information services, open up new media information service channels such as Weibo, WeChat, and clients, and further enhance the dissemination, influence and credibility of government procurement. The fourth is to improve the standards for the construction of government procurement electronic trading platforms, further strengthen the connection between government procurement management and transaction systems and departmental budgets, central treasury centralized payment, asset management and other information systems, and continuously improve the level of comprehensive supervision of fiscal expenditures.

(4) Promote the integration of public resource trading platforms . The integration and establishment of a unified public resource trading platform is an important measure for the State Council to promote the transformation of government functions, promote the sunny trading of public resources, and prevent the fragmentation of public resource trading. In order to implement the "Work Plan for the Integration and Establishment of a Unified Public Resource Trading Platform" of the General Office of the State Council, the Ministry of Finance issued relevant work notices. The local financial departments should carefully study and understand the spirit of state-run documents and relevant circulars of the Ministry of Finance, and implement relevant work requirements. The first is to strengthen departmental coordination and actively participate in the formulation of specific implementation plans for the integration of public resource trading platforms in the region. Focusing on the integration of shared resources, unified system rules, and innovative institutional mechanisms, adhere to the positioning of public service functions of public resource trading platforms and use electronic The platform-oriented transformation direction promotes the legalization, standardization and transparency of public resource transactions. The second is to take the opportunity of the integration of public resource trading platforms, in accordance with the relevant division of labor, unify the government procurement transaction rule system, improve the technical standards of the government procurement management transaction system, and promote the integration of resources such as government procurement management transaction systems, venues, and review experts to achieve public Information sharing on the resource trading platform, and strive to achieve "no transactions offline, all open online". The third is to strengthen the supervision and management of government procurement in accordance with the law, strictly fulfill the statutory supervision duties, and resolutely correct illegal actions such as illegally setting up approval items in government procurement activities, implementing approval in disguised form in the name of record, and interfering with the autonomy of transaction subjects.

谈判应对工作 (5) Efforts should be made to respond to negotiations on joining the GPA . 谈判工作领导小组的部署和财政部的要求,积极做好加入GPA相关工作。 All regions should actively do a good job in joining the GPA in accordance with the deployment of the State Council ’s GPA negotiation leading group and the requirements of the Ministry of Finance. The top priority is to open up and make suggestions and suggestions on improving bids in the region.

(6) Strengthening organizational leadership and work style building . The current government procurement management reform and development work has heavy tasks and new contents, and involves multi-level and multi-department work coordination. To implement the relevant reform tasks, financial departments at all levels should further strengthen organizational leadership, measure safeguards, and work style building. First, we must coordinate and coordinate to strengthen organizational leadership. Government procurement work is closely related to many national reforms and deployments. The leaders of local financial departments must constantly study, deploy, and often ask about major issues in deepening the reform of the government procurement system. Government procurement supervision agencies at all levels must do a good job of reporting, Under the guidance and supervision, horizontal coordination and communication to ensure orderly, effective and effective advancement of related work. Market opening negotiations are also an important part of government procurement. The financial departments of various places must "hold both hands" on domestic government procurement reform and market opening negotiations. They must establish an overall concept, strengthen their sense of responsibility, and effectively do a good job of negotiating responses in the region. Second, we must concentrate our efforts and earnestly implement it. Financial departments at all levels require real, pragmatic, and more practical and clever tricks to effectively advance the various reform tasks of government procurement through a variety of means, including work plans, organization of business training, and supervision and inspection. For tasks such as research, system construction, and service purchase that are really necessary, we must provide reasonable funding guarantees in strict accordance with the requirements of strict economy and strictly enforce the law of financial management. Third, we must be courageous and strengthen our work style. Government procurement supervision departments at all levels must conscientiously implement the requirements of "three strictnesses and three realities", and strive to build a contingent of disciplined, disciplined, courageous and capable officers. The majority of government procurement cadres should consciously strengthen their awareness of discipline, put discipline and rules first, and act strictly in accordance with laws and regulations; further strengthen their sense of purpose, perform their duties, perform their own duties, and take the initiative; promote the learning style and improve the level of policy and theory And business literacy, and timely make up for shortcomings and shortcomings in the new situation.

1127日刘昆副部长在全国政府采购工作会议上的讲话,有删节) (This article is an excerpt from the speech delivered by Vice Minister Liu Kun at the National Conference on Government Procurement on November 27 , 2015 )

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