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Reply on "Relevant Issues on Improving Government Procurement Policies of Scientific Research Institutions" (Summary)

来源: 中国政府采购报打印September 05, 2019 10:12 Source: China Government Procurement News [ Print ]

The Ministry of Finance recently responded to the suggestions of the deputies to the National People's Congress. In recent years, the State Council and the Ministry of Finance have taken relevant measures to expand the procurement autonomy of universities and research institutes. Flexibility and increase procurement efficiency.

2852 号建议的答复》,全国人大代表张璐在两会期间提出了《关于进一步深化“放管服”,改善科研单位政府采购政策的建议》,其中建议适当提高科研机构政府采购灵活性,对此,财政部答复称,近年来,财政部、国务院先后采取措施扩大高校、科研院所采购自主权:一是财政部 2016 年印发《关于完善中央单位政府采购预算管理和中央高校、科研院所科研仪器设备采购管理有关事项的通知》,明确中央高校、科研单位可依法自行采购科研仪器设备,对进口科研仪器设备实行备案制管理等。 According to the "Ministry of Finance 's Reply to the Second Session of the Thirteenth National People's Congress No. 2852 ", Zhang Lu of the National People's Congress proposed "Recommendations on Further Deepening the" Decentralization of Services "and Improving the Government's Procurement Policy for Scientific Research Units" The Ministry of Finance replied that in recent years, the Ministry of Finance and the State Council have successively taken measures to expand the procurement autonomy of universities and research institutes: First, the Ministry of Finance issued the The Circular on Government Procurement Budget Management of Central Units and the Management of Scientific Research Instruments and Equipment Procurement of Central Universities and Research Institutes "clarifies that central universities and research institutions can purchase scientific research instruments and equipment according to law, and implement record-based management of imported scientific research instruments and equipment. 2018 年印发《关于优化科研管理提升科研绩效若干措施的通知》,明确高校和科研院所要简化科研仪器设备采购流程,对科研急需的设备和耗材,可不进行招投标程序,缩短采购周期。 Second, the State Council issued the `` Notice on Optimizing Scientific Research Management and Improving Scientific Research Performance in 2018 '', which clarified that universities and research institutes should simplify the procurement process of scientific instruments and equipment. For equipment and consumables urgently needed for scientific research, the bidding process can be omitted and the procurement cycle can be shortened. . Scientific research institutes should actively take effective measures to implement the above-mentioned policies: first, to refine internal management regulations and establish a sound internal control management system, simplify the procurement process for scientific research equipment projects, especially research and development projects, and optimize internal management, special affairs, and other regulations. And procedures; the second is to strengthen demand management, select appropriate procurement methods based on the characteristics of procurement project needs, and co-exist multiple procurement methods such as open tendering, invitation to tender, competitive negotiation, competitive negotiation, and single source procurement to enhance the flexibility of scientific research project procurement To improve procurement efficiency.

In response to the additional issues related to the government procurement plan for scientific research projects proposed in the proposal, the Ministry of Finance introduced that according to the current government procurement system management regulations, including the central budget unit of the research institute, the government procurement plan should be prepared according to the government procurement budget approved by the Ministry of Finance. And report to the Ministry of Finance for the record. For scientific research projects approved after budget approval and projects that require temporary additional procurement plans during scientific research progress, in order to improve procurement efficiency, the "Regulations on Improving the Government Procurement Budget Management of Central Units and the Management of Scientific Instruments and Equipment Procurement of Central Universities and Research Institutes" The Circular changes the government procurement budget adjustment for such projects from the review system to the filing system. Scientific research institutes can adjust the government procurement budget on their own. After reporting to the Ministry of Finance for record through the competent budget unit, the government procurement plan is prepared accordingly, and government procurement is based on government procurement. Provide procedures to organize procurement activities.

Zhang Lu, a deputy to the National People's Congress, also suggested that the regulations on publicity of procurement contracts must be appropriately relaxed within two days of signing a procurement contract. In response, the Ministry of Finance replied that timely announcement of government procurement contracts is a clear requirement of government procurement laws and regulations, and is conducive to improving the transparency of government procurement and strengthening social supervision. 2 个工作日内公告合同。 According to the Regulations of the People's Republic of China on the Implementation of the Government Procurement Law, purchasers, including scientific research units, should announce contracts within two working days from the date of signing the government procurement contract. 2 个工作日公告采购合同期限太短,不易实现,容易超期”的问题,下一步,财政部将在充分征求各方意见的基础上,提请立法部门修订政府采购法规时统筹考虑。 Regarding the issue of “The announcement of the procurement contract term in 2 working days is too short, it is not easy to achieve, and it is easy to overdue”, the Ministry of Finance will ask the legislative department to revise the government procurement regulations on the basis of fully soliciting opinions Consider it all at the time.

“受物价上涨等因素影响,原来规定的10% 的比例可以适当进行调整”的建议,财政部表示,考虑到该条款是政府采购法的规定,需提请立法部门研究。 In addition, regarding the suggestion made by Zhang Lu that “the original 10% ratio could be adjusted appropriately due to factors such as rising prices, ” the Ministry of Finance stated that considering that this clause is a requirement of the Government Procurement Law, Submitted to the legislative branch for study. At present, the Ministry of Finance has also initiated research on the revision of the Government Procurement Law, which will be carefully studied in combination with actual conditions and submitted to the legislative department for overall consideration when revising the Government Procurement Law.

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