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Tianjin Announces Decision on Complaint Handling and Supervision and Inspection

来源: 中国政府采购网打印09:44, March 22, 2018 Source: China Government Procurement Network [ Print ]

In accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Administrative Measures for the Procurement of Government Procurement Information" (Order of the Ministry of Finance No. 19 ), the complaint handling and supervision and inspection decisions made by this authority are announced as follows:

I. Names and Addresses of Related Parties

南京药育智能科技有限公司 Complainant: Nanjing Pharmaceutical Education Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

天津市河西区围堤道 100 号宝钢北方大厦 4 Address: 4th Floor , Baosteel North Building , No. 100 Weidi Road , Hexi District, Tianjin

1 :天津 华尚建设工程咨询有限公司 Respondent 1 : Tianjin Huashang Construction Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.

天津市 南开区复康路 3 号中天大厦 A 502 Address: 502 , Block A , Zhongtian Building, No. 3 Fukang Road , Nankai District, Tianjin

2 天津医科大学 Respondent 2 : Tianjin Medical University

天津市和平区气象台路 22 Address: 22 Meteorological Road , Heping District, Tianjin

Second, the basic situation

1 . The complaint involves the project name, project number, and purchase date:

天津 医科大学 药物制剂仿真教学软件等 (项目编号: 2017ZC0067 ( 1 ) Tianjin Medical University Drug Preparation Simulation Teaching Software, etc. (Project Number: 2017ZC0067 )

( 2 ) Purchase date:

201 7 11 16 Procurement Information Announcement Date: November 16 , 201

Review date: November 27 , 2017

Procurement Results Announcement Date: November 28 , 2017

2 Major complaints:

北京欧倍尔软件技术开发有限公司(以下简称 “欧倍尔公司”)实际所投产品不具备招标需求书中的★号项要求,不能满足要求。 ( 1 ) The actual products invested by Beijing Obel Software Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Obel Corporation”) do not meet the requirements of item No. ★ in the bidding request and cannot meet the requirements. (Mainly related to "5. Process flow and job overview of the self-study micro-course part of not less than 22 positions" in the technical parameters; "7. 2 in the standard operating procedures of the position"; "9. Oral solid preparation training simulation module ★ The production and processing task module in the simulation scenario has the function of displaying and hiding prompt information, which reminds the core components of the production equipment and the function of teleportation of the post "; 11. 3) in the simulation assessment module

欧倍尔公司实际所投产品与招标需求书中的非 ★号项要求存在多处偏离,不能满足需求。 Complaint 2 : There are many deviations between the products actually invested by Opel and the non-requirements in the bidding request , which cannot meet the demand. (Mainly related to 1. Equipment process display dynamic flash, Article 6 of the user requirements; 2. Reference materials, Article 8 of the user requirements; 3. Press positions, Article 9 and 12 of the user requirements; 4. User requirements Article 10.)

Third, the processing basis and processing results

根据《政府采购供应商投诉处理办法》(财政部令第 20 号)第十七条( )项规定, 投诉事项 1 2 缺乏事实依据,驳回投诉。 (1) According to Article 17 ( 2 ) of the Measures for Handling Complaints of Government Procurement Suppliers (Order of the Ministry of Finance No. 20 ) , the complaints 1 and 2 lacked factual basis and the complaints were rejected.

根据《 中华人民共和国 政府采购法实施条例》第七十一条的 规定,本项目中标结果无效,责令重新开展采购活动。 (2) Pursuant to Article 71 of the "Implementation Regulations of the People's Republic of China on the Implementation of the Government Procurement Law" , the bidding result of this project is invalid, and it is ordered to resume procurement activities.

Name of the law enforcement agency and date of announcement

1 . Name of law enforcement agency: Tianjin Finance Bureau

2 2018 3 2 Date of announcement: March 2 , 2018