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Jilin Finance Department rejects a government procurement complaint

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[2018]16 Ji Cai purchase [2018] No. 16

Complainant: Zhiye Software Co., Ltd.

24 404 单元 Address: Unit 404 , 24 Guanri Road, Xiamen Software Park Phase II

Legal representative: gift from Mei Guo

0592-5205120 Phone: 0592-5205120


Respondent: Government Procurement Center of Jilin Province

9999 Address: 9999 Renmin Street , Changchun

Legal representative: Sui Guoli

0431-81866965 Phone: 0431-81866965

2017 11 27 日收到投诉人关于《吉林省卫生和计划生育委员会全省基层医疗机构信息系统建设项目软件及实施》(采购项目编号 2016-2369 )的《投诉书》,依法对投诉事项进行了审查,现已审查终结。 On November 27 , 2017 , this department received the complainant's "Complaint" on "Jilin Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission Provincial Primary Medical Institution Information System Construction Project Software and Implementation" (Procurement Project Number 2016-2369 ), according to law The complaint has been reviewed and the review is now closed.

I. Complainants' Complaints

、吉林省政府采购中心对中标价是否低于项目成本价的判定依据或测算方法并未给出合理性解释。 1. The Jilin Provincial Government Procurement Center did not give a reasonable explanation on whether the winning bid price is lower than the project cost price or the calculation method. 、评标过程中部分环节没有按着招标文件所规定的评审程序进行,对中标结果产生了实质性影响 …… 2. Some links in the bid evaluation process did not follow the review procedures stipulated in the bidding documents, which had a substantial impact on the results of the bid ... 、中标方除要具备一定的施工能力外,企业的整体实力也是项目能否顺利交付的主要保证 …… 3. In addition to the bidder's ability to have a certain construction capacity, the overall strength of the company is also the main guarantee for the smooth delivery of the project ....

Complainant's Complaint Request

Reorganize the review of this bid.


According to the investigation conducted by the Department, the facts are as follows:

1 和投诉事项 3 ,本项目评标委员会对合格供应商的投标报价进行了评审,同时要求供应商对自己的报价进行合理说明,并提供能够完全履行本项目的书面承诺,评标委员会审核确认各合格供应商的报价符合招标文件要求。 Regarding Complaint Item 1 and Complaint Item 3 , the bid evaluation committee of the project reviewed the bids of qualified suppliers, and required the suppliers to reasonably explain their bids and provide written commitments that can fully fulfill the project. The committee reviewed and confirmed that the quotations of each qualified supplier met the requirements of the bidding documents.

2 ,一是本项目评标委员会按照招标文件要求进行了评审。 Regarding the complaint item 2 , the bid evaluation committee of the project conducted a review in accordance with the requirements of the bidding documents. Second, in accordance with the provisions of the bidding documents, the bid evaluation committee reviewed the identity of the legal representative and the agent of the bidder. 2 人。 Third, according to the requirements of the bidding documents, each bidding supplier needs to explain and demonstrate the management information system software of the primary medical and health institution on site. Each supplier enters the bid evaluation venue with a maximum of 2 people. 1 人进入评标会场进行讲解演示,各投标供应商在评标现场均按评标委员会的要求派 1 人进入会场进行讲解和演示,演示环节打分未对中标结果产生影响。 The bid evaluation committee of this project requires one person from each bidding supplier to enter the bid evaluation venue to explain and demonstrate. Each bid supplier at the bid evaluation site sends one person to the venue to explain and demonstrate according to the requirements of the bid evaluation committee. The result of the bid has an impact.

Based on the above facts, the complainant's complaint has no factual basis or legal basis.  

4. Complaint Handling Decision

13 条、第 56 条,《政府采购供应商投诉处理办法》第 17 条、第 20 条的规定作出如下处理决定:投诉事项缺乏事实依据,驳回投诉。 According to Articles 13 and 56 of the Government Procurement Law , Articles 17 and 20 of the Measures for Handling Complaints from Government Procurement Suppliers made the following processing decisions: the complaints lacked a factual basis, and the complaints were rejected.

If you do not accept this decision, you can apply for administrative reconsideration to the Legal System Office of the People's Government of Jilin Province or the Ministry of Finance of the People's Republic of China within 60 days from the date of service of the decision, or you can apply to Jilin Province within 6 months from the date of service of the decision The People's Court of Nanguan District of Changchun filed an administrative lawsuit.


                          Department of Finance of Jilin Province

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