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The Ministry of Finance announced that the national government procurement data in 2018 reached 3.58614 trillion yuan, an increase of 11.7% over the previous year

来源: 中国政府采购网打印September 04, 2019 09:24 Source: China Government Procurement Network [ Print ]

In 2018, the growth rate of national government procurement slowed down, with the procurement scale reaching 3586.14 billion yuan, an increase of 11.7% over the previous year, accounting for 10.5% and 4% of the national fiscal expenditure and GDP, respectively.

1. The scale of procurement of goods and engineering increased steadily, and the scale of procurement of services increased rapidly. The scale of procurement of goods, engineering, and services was 806.53 billion yuan, 15.71 billion yuan, and 1.20819 billion yuan, accounting for 22.5%, 43.8%, and 33.7% of the national government procurement scale, with increases of 0.8%, 3.3%, and 35.7%. In service procurement, the government's own services and public services provided by the government to the public were 570.55 billion yuan and 637.64 billion yuan, accounting for 47.2% and 52.8% of the scale of service procurement.

2. The proportion of centralized procurement continued to decline, and the proportion of decentralized procurement continued to rise . The scales of government centralized procurement, departmental centralized procurement, and decentralized procurement were 1,576.78 billion yuan, 521.11 billion yuan, and 1.48825 billion yuan, respectively, accounting for 44%, 14.5%, and 41.5% of the national government procurement scale. The scale of decentralized procurement increased from 15.2% in 2015 to 41.5% in 2018, an increase of 26.3 percentage points in 5 years.

3. Public bidding and procurement still dominate, and the scale of single-source procurement has declined. Public bidding, invitation to bid, competitive negotiation, competitive negotiation, inquiry, and single-source procurement account for 70.5%, 1.1%, 3.6%, 8.3%, 2.3%, and 11.8% of the national government procurement scale, respectively. The proportion of services from a single source decreased by 11.6%.

Fourth, actively implement the policy function, and further support the government procurement policy function. 全国强制和优先采购节能、节水产品 1653.8亿元,占同类产品采购规模的90.1%;全国优先采购环保产品1647.4亿元,占同类产品采购规模的90.2%。 Regarding the procurement of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly products: the nation's mandatory and priority procurement of energy-saving and water-saving products was 165.38 billion yuan, accounting for 90.1% of the procurement scale of similar products; the national procurement of environmental protection products was 164.74 billion yuan, accounting for 90.2% of the procurement scale of similar products. 全国政府采购授予中小微企业合同金额为 27488.6亿元,占全国政府采购规模的76.7%,授予小微企业合同金额为11941亿元,占授予中小微企业合同金额的43.4%。 In terms of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises: the contract value awarded to small, medium and micro enterprises by the national government procurement was 2,748.86 billion yuan, accounting for 76.7% of the national government procurement scale, and the contract value awarded to small and micro enterprises was 1,194.1 billion yuan, accounting for 43.4% of the contract value awarded to small, medium and micro enterprises. 全国 36.7万家预算单位向国内航空公司购买公务机票1002.8万张、金额达137.9亿元,较上年分别增长18%和20.1%,有效支持了国内航空公司发展。 Purchase of official air tickets: 367,000 budget units nationwide purchased 1.0028 million official air tickets from domestic airlines, amounting to 13.79 billion yuan, an increase of 18% and 20.1% respectively over the previous year, effectively supporting the development of domestic airlines.