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Finance of Xishuangbanna Prefecture, Yunnan Province: Three Measures to Steadyly Promote the Reform of Government Purchase Services of Institutions

来源: 中国政府采购网打印09:10, December 25, 2019 Source: China Government Procurement Network [ Print ]

In order to steadily promote the classification and transformation of public institutions, and further enhance the ability of public institutions to provide public services, Xishuangbanna Prefecture actively adopted measures to steadily promote the reform of government agencies' purchase of services.

1. Strengthen leadership and strengthen departmental linkage. Establish a government procurement service leadership group, establish a joint conference system for the leadership group, clarify the division of responsibilities and the joint conference working mechanism, and study, guide, coordinate, and promote government procurement service work through joint conferences.

2. Establish rules and regulations and standardize reform procedures. Has successively issued the "Opinions on Accelerating the Implementation of Reform of Government Purchase Services of Public Institutions", "Notice of the Xishuangbanna Prefecture State-level Public Institutions Government Purchase Service Reform Pilot Overall Plan" and other documents. The service matters that are now undertaken by public welfare institutions and suitable for social forces are being comprehensively converted to services provided by the government to promote the establishment of a coordination and restraint mechanism for the supply of financial funds and staffing management of public welfare institutions.

3. Identify pilot projects and steadily advance reform. The State Culture and Tourism Bureau and Xishuangbanna Radio and Television Station were selected to carry out the pilot work, and the pilot reform work was steadily advanced. At present, the "Implementation Plan for the Pilot Implementation of the Government Purchase Service Reform" and the guidance catalogue are separately formulated. Pilot units can produce and disseminate public welfare radio, film, television, and new media works; public welfare minority language broadcasts, movies, television, and new media The creation, translation and dissemination of media works; the protection and transmission of outstanding traditional culture and intangible cultural heritage; the cultural exchange and cooperation and promotion of government organizations;