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Jiangxi Supervision Bureau of the Ministry of Finance: Taking Advantage of Government Procurement Services to Improve the Performance of Environmental Remediation

来源: 中国政府采购网打印09:09, December 24, 2019 Source: China Government Procurement Network [ Print ]

Key ecological protection and restoration projects have the characteristics of strong phase, high technical requirements, and no precedents for implementation. According to the traditional government-led model of construction and construction, there are problems such as difficult scientific design, unpredictable implementation effects, and uncontrollable project investment risks. Recently, the Jiangxi Supervision Bureau carried out a key performance evaluation of key ecological protection and restoration and management funds in Longnan County, Ganzhou City, and found that the county directly adopted the government procurement service model to take advantage of government procurement services and directly linked the results of rare earth tailwater treatment projects with procurement payment responsibilities Linkages have improved the performance of environmental remediation.

I. The responsibilities, rights and interests of both parties in the project procurement are clearer. All service investment costs, corresponding financial costs, and operating costs (operating costs, business operating profits, and taxes) incurred in the construction and operation of the rare earth tailwater treatment project in Longnan County are the responsibility of the service provider. The government only needs to check and accept the governance results and pay according to the payment terms agreed by the parties when bidding, further clarifying the responsibilities, rights, and benefits of both parties.

Second, it is conducive to improving the efficiency of land use. The Longnan County Rare Earth Tail Water Treatment Project shall pay the land lease fee to the purchasing unit on an annual basis by the service provider according to its governance needs and calculate the rent per mu, which shall be included in its production cost. While improving the efficiency of land use, this approach better avoids the possibility of land ownership disputes when the project exits.

Third, it is conducive to reducing government debt. The construction of facilities for repair and treatment projects requires a large investment. If the government invests directly, it will definitely increase government debt. Moreover, the effect of project implementation cannot be estimated, which is likely to cause government investment risks. The preliminary construction costs of the Longnan County Rare Earth Tailwater Treatment Project are borne by the supplier itself. Within the prescribed time, the procurement service transaction supplier shall pay the contractor to the contractor in accordance with the project completion progress, which minimizes the direct government debt.

Fourth, the project results can be quantitatively assessed. The data on the water content, ammonia nitrogen, and total nitrogen content in the watersheds of rare earth tailwaters vary greatly depending on the season and the characteristics of the watershed. A single technical method cannot be used to solve the practical problems in the treatment. The production costs and unit price of the treatment cannot be accurately predicted and Curing. The government purchases services directly to pay for the amount of water that meets the national discharge standards after the governance of various governing enterprises, effectively achieving a quantitative assessment.