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Xining Municipal Government purchases audit service consulting database

来源: 青海新闻网·青海新闻客户端打印09:11, December 18, 2019 Source: Qinghai News Net · Qinghai News Client [ Print ]

In order to fully perform audit supervision duties, regulate the government's purchase of audit services, and alleviate the contradiction between insufficient audit power and heavier audit tasks, the Municipal Audit Bureau recently issued the Implementation Measures on the Issuance of Audit Services by the Qinghai Provincial Government Notice ", entrusted the Xining Municipal Government Procurement Center to publicly bid and establish the Xining Municipal Government's purchase audit service consulting database. After expert review, they were shortlisted as 8 Grade A qualified companies, 6 Grade B qualified companies, and accounting firms. 10 homes.

At the same time, the Xining Audit Bureau and the Finance Bureau jointly issued the "Implementation Measures for the Purchase of Audit Services by the Xining Municipal Government", which made relevant regulations and requirements for the purchase of audit services by the municipal government.

The establishment of the Xining Municipal Government's purchase of an audit service consulting database has effectively played the role of audit in government investment supervision and state-owned enterprise supervision. In the audit of government-invested construction projects, third-party intermediaries are entrusted to participate in the review of construction costs, saving construction funds, strengthening construction project management, and improving the efficiency of the use of construction funds. In the audit of state-owned enterprises, social auditing forces are used to conduct audits on corporate financial accounting, business management, etc., to maintain the safety of state-owned assets, standardize corporate financial accounting and business management behaviors, and promote corporate governance. The use of government purchase of audit services has increased the coordination and integration of audit resources of audit institutions in the city, promoted the improvement of audit supervision quality and efficiency, and played an important role in advancing the “two-in-one” audit organization and playing the role of national audit in the party and state supervision system. significance.