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Hefei City: "Five Adherences" to Promote the Implementation of Government Purchase Services

来源: 中国政府采购报打印08:25, December 13, 2019 Source: China Government Procurement News [ Print ]

“五坚持”推动实施政府购买服务。 Hefei City, Anhui Province implemented the "five persistence" to promote the implementation of government procurement services.

First, adhere to the problem-oriented approach and dynamically optimize and adjust policies and measures. Improve social service policies in a timely manner, scientifically establish a policy evaluation index system, and use performance evaluation results as an important reference for policy revisions. Focusing on giving play to the role of government procurement services in stimulating market vitality and promoting the reform of public institutions, the “Implementation Plan of Hefei City to Promote the Reform of Government Purchase Services of Public Institutions” and “Hefei City's Proposals on Supporting the Healthy and Orderly Development of Social Organizations through Government Purchase of Services” implementation plan".

The second is to adhere to the source control and strictly compile the purchase service budget. “二下二下”预算编制流程,与部门预算实行编制、审核、批复、执行“四个同步”,做到“应买尽买”和“花钱问效”两手抓。 The government purchase service is embedded in the "two under two under" budget preparation process, and the implementation, review, approval, and implementation of the "four synchronizations" are carried out with the departmental budget, so that "should buy everything" and "pay money for effectiveness" are two-handed. The province took the lead in developing a catalog of government procurement services for classified sub-sectors, combined with a new round of institutional reform, and urged departments to dynamically adjust the guidance catalog to standardize purchase behavior.

The third is to adhere to the typical demonstration and play a leading role. Efforts will be made to strengthen the demonstration of major projects in the basic public service field, and more attention will be paid to the promotion of purchase projects involving education, employment, social assistance, ecological protection, and rural infrastructure management and protection. Summarize and refine the experience of purchasing home care and public rental housing management services in Hefei as a typical case in the province and submit it to the Ministry of Finance. -2018 年,全市购买服务资金 77.26 亿元,实施项目 2378 个。 From 2014 to 2018 , the city purchased 7.726 billion yuan in service funds and implemented 2378 projects. 年,基本公共服务和社会管理性服务领域实施项目 302 个,占项目总数的 50.8% In 2018 , 302 projects were implemented in the fields of basic public services and social management services , accounting for 50.8% of the total number of projects .

Fourth, adhere to systematic publicity and clarify policy boundaries. 90 分以上人员超过 98% Compile and publish the "Purchasing Policy and Knowledge of the Government", use the column on the website to regularly publish a series of quizzes on the government purchasing services, a forum on finance to explain the relevant policies and regulations of the government on purchasing services, organize training courses for county finance leaders and managers, and organize finance Cadres and workers have participated extensively in the national government purchase service knowledge competition, with more than 98% of those with a score of 90 or more .

Fifth, adhere to consultation and communication, and strengthen coordination. 11 个部门及 13 个县(市)区。 The municipal government's joint purchase committee for services will be organized by the municipal party committee and executive deputy mayor as the general convener. Its member units include 11 departments including 13 agencies, 13 departments (counties, cities, and districts) , including editing, development and reform, civil affairs, industry and commerce, and auditing . Work with civil affairs, human and social affairs departments to cultivate and strengthen social organizations and social service talents; cooperate with bidding and procurement departments to achieve openness and transparency in government procurement of service items; and cooperate with establishment management departments to explore the establishment of a joint review mechanism for purchase projects, and actively prevent and Put an end to the "two-headed occupation" phenomenon of supporting people.