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Jinjiang promulgates operating procedures for government procurement services

来源: 中国政府采购网打印08:35, December 11, 2019 Source: China Government Procurement Network [ Print ]

Recently, the Jinjiang Municipal Finance Bureau issued the "Jinjiang Municipal Government's Operational Procedures for the Purchase of Services." From the scope of application, purchase methods, purchase procedures, performance evaluation, organizational guarantee, supervision and inspection, etc., specific operational procedures were clarified to further regulate the purchase of the municipal government Service work.

Aiming at the problems that individual units have insufficient implementation of the main responsibilities of purchasers, irregular purchase services, and unsatisfactory funding effects, the Operational Regulations propose three specific requirements:

The first is to put forward specific requirements for the unit's internal control construction, and strict internal approval procedures. For purchase service items of more than 500,000 yuan, the purchase subject must organize a feasibility study and form written materials.

The second is to reiterate the applicable amount standards for various procurement methods. The annual purchase budget does not reach 500,000 yuan, and the purchase is made by self-purchasing or open procurement. The annual purchase budget amount is 500,000 yuan or more, and the purchase is made by public procurement. .

The third is to put forward clear requirements on the performance target declaration, review and other aspects of purchasing service items, and require units to establish a whole-process budget performance management chain to promote the cohesion and efficiency of fiscal funds.