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Lixian County, Sichuan Province: Select full-time mediator with government procurement services

来源: 中国政府采购报打印08:44, December 10, 2019 Source: China Government Procurement News [ Print ]

Since the beginning of this year, Yixian County, Sichuan Province, has implemented pragmatic people's mediation work to help the poverty-stricken villages in the county due to the contradiction between land contract, marriage and family, and neighborhood disputes. 23 名。 The county has hired 23 full-time people's mediators through the government's purchase of services .

It is understood that in order for the people's mediators to play a real role, the county has conducted people's mediator training in various forms, such as congressional training, professional lectures, and actual combat drills, to further improve the people's mediation work ability and level , Resolve conflicts and disputes in the bud. 374 个,调解员达到 3128 人。 At present, the county has established a total of 374 people's mediation committees , with 3128 mediators .

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