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Yubei: Government purchases more than 280 disabled people to enjoy benefits

来源: 重庆网络广播电视台打印09:17, December 05, 2019 Source: Chongqing Internet Radio and TV Station [ Print ]

Since the beginning of this year, Yubei District has provided free on-site services for the disabled through the government's purchase of service items, helping more than 280 people with disabilities to solve their actual difficulties. Early in the morning, two professional masseurs came to Zhongqiao Village, Shichuan Town, and provided free home-based rehabilitation and health care services for Jiancheng Bi, a low-income household. 56-year-old Jian Chengbi belongs to the first-level disability and suffers from cerebral hemorrhage. Her family is relatively poor. After learning about her family's difficulties, the local government contacted the District Disabled Persons' Federation to implement a rehabilitation program for the disabled in the district for her. A professional masseuse visits her regularly to provide her with free rehabilitation health services. Xia Bing, daughter of Jian Chengbi, said: "Since they massaged my mother, she has improved significantly in all aspects of eating and walking. Workers of the Disabled Federation came to my mother's house for free and brought benefits to all aspects of our family."
          It is reported that in September this year, the Yubei District Disabled Persons' Federation initiated the “Rehabilitation and Care Project for Disabled Persons with Physical Paralysis” for the first time. Through government purchase of services, a financial allocation of 78,000 yuan was provided for disabled persons with a physical disability certificate (including hemiplegia, cerebral hemorrhage Sequelae) provide free rehabilitation health services. At present, 80 disabled people in the towns of Shichuan and Longxing enjoy the benefits of the project. 同时,今年6月,渝北区残联还启动了残疾人居家服务项目,同样通过政府购买服务的方式,财政拨款60万元,为双龙湖、两路、双凤桥等共九个街道的200名持证的困难残疾人,提供免费居家服务。 Wang Shunnian, a resident of Pufu Community, Longxing Town, said: "This free project is doing quite well, and I am recovering a lot now." At the same time, in June this year, the Yubei District Disabled Persons' Federation also launched a home service project for the disabled, which was also purchased through the government. The method of service is a financial allocation of 600,000 yuan, which provides free home services for 200 disabled persons with disabilities who have a total of nine streets including Shuanglong Lake, Lianglu and Shuangfeng Bridge. Chen Shulan, a resident of Baiguo Road Community, Xiantao Street, said that they came to my house to provide us with free home services, which helped us to reduce a lot of burden.