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UK Customs and Excise: Procurement spending from SMEs will double in the next three years

来源: 中国政府采购报打印09:43, September 17, 2019 Source: China Government Procurement News [ Print ]

曹越 何振华 肖智文 罗琪 Cao Yue He Zhenhua Xiao Zhiwen Luo Qi

HMRC )公布了该署《面向中小企业的政府采购行动计划》,以大幅提升该署中小企业采购支出占总采购支出的份额。 Recently, the British Taxation and Customs Authority ( HMRC ) announced its “Government Procurement Action Plan for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises”, in order to significantly increase the share of the department's SME procurement expenditure in total procurement expenditure.

21 世纪以来,各国高度重视政府采购,将其视为促进中小企业发展的公共政策。 Since the 21st century, countries have attached great importance to government procurement as a public policy to promote the development of SMEs. 年,英国政府制定了在 2022 年之前实现政府部门中小企业采购支出占总采购支出 33% 的目标。 In 2015 , the British government set a target of achieving 33% of total procurement expenditure by government departments for SME procurement by 2022 . 2018 年, HMRC 中小企业采购总支出为 2.48 亿英镑,仅占其采购总支出的 16% In 2018 , the total procurement expenditure of HMRC SMEs was 248 million pounds, accounting for only 16% of its total procurement expenditure . 3 年后实现占比 33% 的目标, HMRC 决定采取五大硬招。 In order to ensure that the target of 33% will be achieved after 3 years , HMRC decided to adopt five hard tricks.

The first move: implement the priority plan for SMEs in government procurement

480 多万家中小企业,占企业总数的 99.9% ,但是一直以来,英国中小企业获得的政府采购订单比例较低。 There are more than 4.8 million small and medium-sized enterprises in the UK , accounting for 99.9% of the total number of enterprises . However, the proportion of government procurement orders received by British small and medium-sized enterprises has always been low. Practice has shown that the advantages and monopoly positions of large-scale enterprises in the country have brought great challenges to the development of SMEs. In order to better enhance the vitality of the domestic economy, it is a direct and effective method to increase the proportion of government departments to SME procurement. In recent years, the British government has launched a government procurement priority plan for SMEs. Its main goal is to promote the development of SMEs at the micro level, and at the same time promote the development of the national economy at the macro level.

表示,其落实中小企业政府采购优先计划拟采取的具体措施包括:一是委任高级公务员、战略采购负责人萨曼莎( Samantha Bloyce )专门负责中小企业政府采购优先计划;二是开展“购买者意向”调查,确定买家、承包管理者和品类主管的意向和意见;三是更新标准操作程序,并为员工定期举办中小企业培训和宣讲活动;四是建立一个跨职能的“中小企业大使”指导小组,每月召开一次会议;五是将中小企业政府采购优先计划纳入品类战略和计划中;六是作为所有采购活动“签约雇佣”流程的一部分,高需求的品类使中小企业政府采购优先计划成为采购战略的一部分,并尽可能采用以中小企业为重点的举措,包括使用抽签的招标方式,在适当情况下根据分包基准评估供应商;七是在采购流程的早期,与 HMRC 企业税收管理部门一起推动中小企业行动计 HMRC stated that the specific measures it intends to take to implement the SME Government Procurement Priority Plan include: first, the appointment of a senior civil servant and head of strategic procurement, Samantha Bloyce , specifically responsible for the SME government procurement priority plan; "Intention" survey to determine the intentions and opinions of buyers, contract managers and category managers; third, update standard operating procedures, and organize regular SME training and publicity activities for employees; fourth, establish a cross-functional "SME ambassador" The steering group meets once a month; the fifth is to incorporate the SME government procurement priority plan into the category strategy and plan; the sixth is to form part of the "contract employment" process for all procurement activities. The high-demand categories make the SME government procurement priority plan Be part of a procurement strategy and use SME-focused initiatives wherever possible, including using lottery tenders and, where appropriate, evaluating suppliers based on subcontracting benchmarks; seventh, early in the procurement process, working with HMRC corporate tax management Departments Promote SME Action Plan Plan and support business needs development to encourage more SMEs to participate.

Second trick: simplify the bidding process

The procurement process in the UK was previously lengthy and inefficient. If an enterprise wants to participate in government procurement, it must first pass the pre-qualification of the project. When the British government department has a procurement project, it will issue a pre-qualification questionnaire to the company. If a supplier wants to participate in a bid, it must complete a complex eligibility questionnaire before returning it to the government. For small and medium-sized enterprises, the completion of this work requires contact with multiple government departments, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and is a considerable burden.

拟在以下方面为中小企业减负:一是在适当情况下采用跨政府部门的简化采购文件,从文件填报环节减少企业投标壁垒;二是审查和修订 HMRC 已有的条款及采购文件,以确保它们对中小企业是“友好”的,同时采用模块化定制且更灵活的合约形式,增强采购项目对中小企业的吸引力;三是与英国政府负责公共部门采购的机构——英国皇家商业服务委员会 (CCS) 合作,制定独立版本的公共部门合同,供未采用 CCS 框架的采购项目中的中小企业使用;四是在 HMRC 合同中纳入合同义务,为中小企业创造更多获得分包的机会;五是尽可能地将合同分成小批量;六是跟进中小企业的调查结果,调查如何简化采购文件和采购流程,以进一步帮助中小企业取得竞标资格。 HMRC intends to reduce the burden on small and medium-sized enterprises in the following aspects: first, the use of simplified procurement documents across government departments, where appropriate, to reduce the bidding barriers for enterprises; and second, to review and revise existing terms and procurement documents of HMRC to ensure that They are "friendly" to small and medium-sized enterprises, and at the same time adopt modular and customized and more flexible contract forms to enhance the attractiveness of procurement projects to small and medium-sized enterprises. The third is to cooperate with the British government agency responsible for public sector procurement-the Royal Business Services Council (CCS) cooperation to develop an independent version of the public sector contract for use by SMEs in procurement projects that do not adopt the CCS framework; fourth , include contractual obligations in the HMRC contract to create more opportunities for subcontracting for SMEs; five It is to divide the contract into small batches as much as possible; Six is to follow up the survey results of SMEs and investigate how to simplify procurement documents and procurement processes to further help SMEs to obtain qualifications for bidding.

The third measure: strengthen cooperation with SME supplier groups

致力于为中小企业供应商创造良好的发展环境,打造更加多元化的供应商群体,提高与中小企业供应商群体签订合约的机会。 HMRC is committed to creating a good development environment for SME suppliers, creating a more diverse supplier group, and increasing the chance of signing contracts with SME supplier groups.

HMRC 业务部门合作,并在早期阶段影响上游采购战略决策;三是增加对互联网和社交媒体的使用,凡是超过 1 万英镑的采购项目,均通过英国政府“合同发现”门户网站发布招标公告;四是针对特定采购进行更广泛的上市前参与,包括使用事先信息通知( PIN )和举办供应商信息日、确定跨业务领域的上游机会、为数字信息技术供应商提供创新和“真人秀”风格的活动;五是与 CCS 合作, The specific measures include: First, actively support the government's "open business" activities, organize "meet buyers" activities and a series of webinars to eliminate the mystery of the procurement and bidding process for potential suppliers of SMEs; and small businesses in the UK Departmental cooperation, allowing SME associations and other SME leaders in government departments to share innovative ideas and best practices, and provide support and guidance for SMEs interested in bidding; second, develop market and supplier intelligence functions, release business channels, and promote categories The leadership team can work with the HMRC business unit and influence upstream purchasing strategy decisions at an early stage. The third is to increase the use of the Internet and social media. All procurement projects that exceed £ 10,000 are published through the UK government's "Contract Discovery" portal. Tender announcements; Fourth, broader pre-market participation for specific purchases, including the use of prior information notifications ( PINs ) and supplier information days, identifying upstream opportunities across business areas, providing innovation and "real people" for digital information technology vendors "Show" style activities; the fifth is to cooperate with CCS , CCS 合同工具,如云存储系统。 Share business intelligence (e.g. emerging markets and suppliers) and take advantage of opportunities for collaboration between departments, including the use of centrally negotiated CCS contract tools such as cloud storage systems.

The fourth measure: improve the supply chain synergy

的目标在于尽可能地通过完善主要供应商的供应链,增加对中小企业的间接支出。 The goal of HMRC is to increase indirect expenditure on SMEs by improving the supply chains of major suppliers as much as possible.

CCS 和一些主要供应商合作,使用“合同发现”网站宣传分包机会;二是作为 CCS 主导计划的一部分,直接从主要供应商处获取向中小企业分包的数据,并对所有新的主要供应商提出一项新的合同要求,即要求其对中小企业的支出作跟进报告;三是鼓励主要供应商发展中小企业网络和生态系统;四是让中小企业参与主要供应商举行的供应商关系管理( SRM )会议的标准议程项目。 The main measures include: one is to cooperate with CCS and some major suppliers to use the "Contract Discovery" website to promote subcontracting opportunities; the second is to obtain data on subcontracting to SMEs directly from the main suppliers as part of the CCS leading plan, And proposed a new contract requirement for all new major suppliers, that is, they are required to report on the expenditure of SMEs; the third is to encourage major suppliers to develop SME networks and ecosystems; the fourth is to allow SMEs to participate in the main A standard agenda item for a supplier relationship management ( SRM ) meeting held by a supplier .

Fifth measure: implementation of data monitoring of SME expenditure targets

认为,对于中小企业数据的采集、审查和报告十分重要,具体操作包括:一是投资技术和资源,促进中小企业数据采集,确保中小企业数据报告准确、全面;二是开发采购渠道,了解未来的合同趋势,为中小企业支出预测提供更多信息;三是建立中小企业绩效管理中心,跟踪直接和间接支出目标进展情况,并由首席商务官和商业高级领导团队( SLT )每月审核,首席财务官( CFO )每季度审核。 HMRC believes that the collection, review, and reporting of SME data is very important. The specific operations include: first, investing in technology and resources, promoting SME data collection, and ensuring that SME data reports are accurate and comprehensive; second, developing procurement channels to understand the future Contract trends to provide more information on SME spending forecasts; the third is to establish a SME performance management center to track the progress of direct and indirect expenditure goals and be reviewed monthly by the chief business officer and the senior business leadership team ( SLT ). The Finance Officer ( CFO ) reviews quarterly.

还分析了在实施行动计划中存在的风险。 HMRC also analyzed the risks in implementing the action plan. The first is the existence of exclusive agreements in some of the larger and longer-term existing contracts for corporate services, digital information technology, property and facility management, which have hindered current repurchases; the second is for some key services that require the information technology industry The key part is to ensure business continuity 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which is difficult for some SMEs to achieve.

HMRC 2022 年之前实现中小企业采购支出占总采购支出 33% 这一目标还任务艰巨,但此番公布的行动计划从详细的操作层面阐述了 HMRC 降低壁垒的决心,增强了中小企业的信心,同时也有助于中小企业更好地监督税务部门实施具体的政府采购计划。 Although HMRC still has a difficult task of achieving the target of 33% of total procurement expenditure by 2022 , the action plan announced this time elaborates the HMRC 's determination to reduce barriers from a detailed operational level and strengthens the confidence of SMEs. At the same time, it will also help SMEs to better supervise the tax authorities in implementing specific government procurement plans.