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Mudanjiang Cancer Hospital_Announcement of the successful bidding of full digital color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic system

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Announcement summary:
official news:
Purchase item name Mudanjiang Cancer Hospital_Full digital color Doppler ultrasound diagnosis system

Cargo / Special Equipment / Medical Equipment / Other Medical Equipment

Purchasing unit Mudanjiang Cancer Hospital
Administrative regions Mudanjiang Announcement time December 30, 2019 10:02
Announcement Date of Tender for this Project October 14, 2019 Winning date November 06, 2019
List of review experts Yin Songhe, Zhao Shuxian, Wang Yanling, Feng Guoqiang, Pei Haiqing
Total winning amount ¥ 570.000000 million yuan (RMB)
Contact person and contact information:
Project Contact Xu Haidong
Project Phone 04536436888
Purchasing unit Mudanjiang Cancer Hospital
Purchase unit address No.333 Kangjia Street, Aimin District, Mudanjiang City
Contact information of purchasing unit Pan Yuyu 0453-6882365
Agency name Heilongjiang Zhonglian Tendering Agency Co., Ltd.
Agency Address Mudanjiang City, Xi'an District, Xi'an District, Rongjin Mingdu Building 7, Building 104
Agency Contact Xu Haidong 04536436888

Entrusted by Mudanjiang Cancer Hospital, Heilongjiang Zhonglian Tendering Agency Co., Ltd. organized the procurement of the "Mudanjiang Cancer Hospital_Full Digital Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic System" project (project number: 2019-0789). The winning results are as follows:

I. Project Information

Item Number: 2019-0789

Project Name: Mudanjiang Cancer Hospital_Full Digital Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic System

Project Contact: Xu Haidong

Contact: 04536436888

Second, the purchasing unit information

Purchasing unit name: Mudanjiang Cancer Hospital

Purchasing unit address: No. 333, Kangjia Street, Aimin District, Mudanjiang City

Contact of Purchasing Unit: Pan Yuyu 0453-6882365

3. Purpose of the project, brief technical requirements and contract performance date:

Mudanjiang Cancer Hospital_Full digital color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic system procurement project

Successful bid announcement

Item Number: 2019-0833

Project Name: Mudanjiang Cancer Hospital _ Full Digital Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic System Procurement Method: Public Bidding

Tender announcement date: October 14, 2019

Bid Opening Date: November 5, 2019

Calibration date: November 6, 2019

Date of signing the contract: before December 5, 2019

Successful bidder: Heilongjiang Xingyu Trading Co., Ltd.

Successful bid price: 5,700,000.00 yuan

Address: Puxing Village Committee, Hexi Town, Muling City, Heilongjiang Province

List of Bid Evaluation Committees: Yin Songhe, Zhao Shuxian, Wang Yanling, Feng Guoqiang, Pei Haiqing

Buyer name: Mudanjiang Cancer Hospital

Purchaser's address: No.333 Kangjia Street, Aimin District, Mudanjiang City

Contact person of the purchaser: Pan Yuyu 0453-6882365

Agency name: Heilongjiang Zhonglian Tendering Agency Co., Ltd.

Agency address: Room 7-104, Rongjin Mingdu, Xixinan Street, Xi'an District, Mudanjiang

Contact: Xie Weiwei

Phone: (0453) 6821666

Here, I would like to express my gratitude to the bidders for their support for this bidding work!

The technical parameters are as follows:

Serial number

product name

Technical Parameters




Full digital color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic system

  • Device name: Original high-end fully digital color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic system
  • Quantity: two sets
  • Equipment use description: abdomen, heart, obstetrics, urinary, blood vessels, superficial small organs, pediatrics, intraluminal, transesophageal, intraoperative and other interventional examinations and treatments, with scientific research and teaching, case diagnosis of various departments, consultation of difficult cases Ultrasound system with world advanced level and continuous upgrade capability to meet the needs of developing new clinical applications.
  • Delivery time: 3 months after the contract becomes effective
  • Main technical specifications and descriptions :

5.1 Color Doppler Ultrasound System includes:

* 5.1.1≥21.3 " IPS-Pro LED monitor, wide viewing angle, high contrast, clear and super stable dynamic display image, flexible multi-point support arm, can be tilted, rotated and folded down, brightness and contrast can be adjusted separately

5.1.2 ≥ 10.4 "large screen, highly sensitive color LCD touch control screen

5.1.3 With intelligent process editing function, smooth workflow and improve work efficiency

5.1.4 Intelligent operating system, ergonomic design, operation panel can be tilted and rotated, height adjustable

5.1.5 Multi-layered crystal matching probe technology improves sensitivity and impedance matching, so that the amount of received acoustic information is increased by hundreds of times, and massive information can be truly restored.

5.1.6 Intelligent pulse modulation technology, which precisely controls the frequency, amplitude, waveform and direction of each transmitted pulse, which fits different tissue characteristics, and effectively improves the resolution and sensitivity of the image.

5.1.7 micron focusing technology, from the probe to the application-specific integrated circuit, to achieve an extremely narrow receiving beam, thereby significantly improving the spatial resolution, azimuth resolution, and time resolution.

5.1.8 Digital High Resolution 2D Grayscale Imaging Unit

5.1.9 Digital M-type display and analysis system

5.1.10 Digital high-resolution color Doppler blood flow imaging unit

5.1.11 Digital energy blood flow imaging unit

5.1.12 Digital Spectrum Doppler Display and Analysis System

5.1.13 Digital continuous Doppler display and analysis system, supporting convex array, linear array, phased array probe

5.1.14 Tissue harmonic imaging function, ≥ 3 different ways of tissue harmonic imaging, pure harmonics, broadband harmonics, high-precision enhanced dynamic tissue harmonics, with clear harmonic frequency display, convenient switching, visual adjustment

5.1.15 Spatial composite imaging technology can be used for abdomen, obstetrics, blood vessels, superficial small organs, multi-angle adjustment, and can be combined with color mode, speckle noise suppression technology, harmonic technology and convex extension technology to improve Image detail resolution and penetration to enhance border display

5.1.16 High-definition speckle noise suppression, using intelligent analytical filtering technology, has strong information processing capabilities, can intelligently eliminate the inherent speckle noise of the image, greatly improve the sharpness of the image, multi-level adjustment, support 3D / 4D

5.1.17 coded imaging function can obtain clinical images with high axial resolution and high signal-to-noise ratio, which can significantly improve the penetration of far-field images

5.1.18 has a lateral gain adjustment function, which can quickly correct the lateral gain compensation and improve the overall uniformity of the image

5.1.19 Trapezium expands imaging function and expands scanning field

5.1.20 Raw data storage, multiple parameters such as gain, dynamic range can be adjusted after the image is frozen

5.1.21 Intelligent one-button optimization technology for images, non-pre-set parameters, one-button operation, instant full-field optimization. Optimize parameters such as gain, Doppler speed, baseline

5.1.22 Automatic sound speed correction function, the system can automatically identify tissue differences, can correct the ultrasonic sound speed to complete the ultrasound scan of obese and difficult patient conditions, and improve tissue details and boundary display.

5.1.23 Real-time dual-frame enhanced display of puncture needle

5.1.24 With real-time dual-frame display of two-dimensional images on the same screen and slow-play images, slow-play speed can be adjusted

5.1.25 Ultra-wide-field imaging, compatible with color and energy maps, which is conducive to complete display and observation of the area of interest.

5.1.26 Real-time automatic Doppler envelope analysis. Provide real-time envelope and professional analysis of heart and peripheral blood vessels Provide real-time envelope and professional analysis of fetal venous catheters With automatic Doppler angle correction technology

* 5.1.27 The real-time dual Doppler sampling function can realize simultaneous pulse Doppler sampling of two different parts under the same cardiac cycle. It provides advanced and accurate tools for accurate cardiac function measurement, and can be applied to the abdomen and superficial organs at the same time. It is of great value in judging the degree of disease progression, curative effect evaluation and prognosis;≥3 modes are available, PW & PW; TDI & PW; TDI & TDI Support convex array, linear array, phased array, volume probe

5.1.28 Enhanced Doppler blood flow imaging technology: High-definition blood flow imaging, using broadband Doppler technology, directivity, high frame rate, and high-resolution display of low-speed blood flow, improving the spatial resolution of small blood vessels Different from conventional color Doppler and directional energy map functions Spectrum measurement There must be independent buttons on the control panel to perform this function

5.1.29 With real-time tissue elastography function has a strain curve, which can display the time change value of tissue strain in real time, and can be adjusted in multiple levels It has the function of pressure ruler indication, which is displayed in digital form and can be observed objectively. Dual-frame real-time contrast display mode, ≥ 8 color scale selection Have the function of automatically identifying the best elastic image, and automatically select it to improve the accuracy and consistency of measurement and analysis Flexible raw data storage, ROI size can be adjusted arbitrarily after the image is frozen Support linear array, convex array, volume, intracavity, intraoperative, endoscope, laparoscopy probe, etc. Quantitative analysis of strain ratio, calculating the strain ratio between any two regions With automatic quantitative analysis of strain ratio, the system will automatically sample the lesion and fat layer ROI after clicking on the lesion, and measure the strain ratio

* 5.1.30 has a quantitative diagnosis function for diffuse lesions, such as liver fibrosis: has at least 11 diffuse quantitative diagnostic parameters with flexible histogram display With tissue elastic texture analysis parameters Have an index to guide the stage of liver fibrosis Support linear array, convex array, intracavity, intraoperative, endoscope, laparoscopic probe, etc.

5.1.31 Whole body low mechanical index real-time contrast imaging unit Equipped with broadband contrast harmonic imaging technology, it can extract a wider range of contrast harmonic signals, and the sensitivity of contrast harmonics is higher Real-time dual-frame simultaneous display of conventional two-dimensional imaging and contrast imaging Monitoring mode, the system can intermittently emit high sound pressure sound waves when continuously transmitting low sound pressure ultrasound has a time timer to facilitate the angiographic perfusion and extinction time Programmable Blast Mode with Contrast Microbubbles With microvascular imaging, superimposed harmonic echo information, showing microcirculation perfusion of tissues or lesions

5.1.32 Contrast analysis function With time intensity curve analysis With rainbow perfusion imaging technology, by analyzing the recorded dynamic images of contrast-enhanced ultrasound and color-coding according to the ultrasound contrast agent injection time, visually display microvesicle perfusion of tissues or lesions at different phases;

5.1.33 Automatic posterior neck transparent layer thickness measurement, the system can automatically identify the border of the posterior cervical transparent layer in the early pregnancy, and automatically measure the thickness of the posterior cervical transparent layer to help users effectively evaluate trisomy 21 and 18 Risk of chromosomal abnormalities such as body syndrome

5.1.34 can be configured with M-type at any angle, 360-degree rotation, and arbitrary position movement. The movement does not need to locate the axis position in advance, and it can be achieved by adults and fetuses (with photos) M type can be taken before and after the image is frozen M-type sampling lines ≥ 3 Support phased array, convex array, linear array

5.1.35 Tissue Doppler Imaging and Analysis System With tissue Doppler velocity diagram, tissue Doppler energy diagram, tissue Doppler M-type diagram, tissue Doppler spectrum diagram Support convex array, linear array, phased array probe Myocardial velocity distribution map, analyze the myocardial motion on any sampling line, and obtain the velocity information of all myocardial motions on the wall of the wall, which can accurately reflect the myocardial velocity in the cardiac cycle. Velocity distribution at each point can evaluate the local contraction function of the left ventricular long axis and short axis Quantitative tissue velocity imaging, 21 regions of interest can be set at the same time to display 21 local myocardial motion curves, and the M-mode can prompt the precise location of the local myocardium Myocardial strain, strain rate curve, can evaluate left ventricular, right ventricular, left atrial function The analysis of myocardial thickening rate can analyze the movement status of a segment of myocardium and its 1/2 thickness myocardium, and provide a more sensitive and accurate method for clinical evaluation of myocardial segmental abnormal movement.

5.1.36 Two-dimensional myocardial tissue tracking and analysis system (2DTT) Multiple imaging methods based on the two-dimensional heart spot tracking and wall motion tracking principles; Support 2ch, 3ch, 4ch (including reverse view) Measurable points and points, peak time, distance and other parameters has multiple display modes such as graph, color-coded graph, curve & color-coded graph, bull's eye diagram, etc .; Can be used for two-dimensional stress-strain rate analysis of long and short axis sections of myocardial tissue Can provide longitudinal, transverse, radial, global strain, strain rate of myocardium; angle and angular rate; torsion; long axis, short axis volume; ejection fraction and other parameters

5.1.37 Full-automatic heart function measurement "smart eye" technology, which can automatically measure the volume and ejection fraction of the left ventricle in real-time inspection status, can combine the four-chamber and two-chamber sections to obtain comprehensive values and guide the accuracy of the evaluation

5.1.38 Hemodynamic parameters with comprehensive evaluation of cardiovascular function, that is, the product of pressure change (dP / dt) and speed change (dU / dt) at any point in the circulatory system. Used to evaluate the comprehensive function of the heart and arterial system. Non-invasive evaluation of left ventricular systolic function and early diastolic function, and evaluation of changes before and after drug intervention. Minimum tracking resolution 0.01mm With vascular tube diameter change tracking curve With blood flow velocity curve With WI change graph, with W1 peak, W2 peak, NA peak Calculate WI value automatically The cardiac systolic function, diastole, and peripheral resistance function can be evaluated, and the position and degree of vascular obstruction can be evaluated.

5.1.39 Vascular echo tracking technology requires automatic tracking of the medial and adventitia of blood vessels in the region of interest and automatic calculation of hardness index (β), elastic modulus (Ep) compliance (AC), swelling index (AI), and pulse wave velocity (pwvβ ) And other parameters (including time parameters RA, RB, etc.) Minimum tracking resolution 0.01mm With the blood vessel diameter change tracking curve has 5 evaluation parameters, stiffness (β), elastic modulus (Ep) compliance (AC), swelling index (AI), and pulse wave velocity (pwvβ) With clinical normal reference value for easy diagnosis With extended scientific research parameters: time parameters RA, RB, vasoconstriction rate, etc.

5.1.40 Vascular endothelial function analysis (FMD), which continuously records and depicts changes in the inner diameter of the entire vasoconstriction and diastole process at rest, and evaluates vascular elasticity very early Minimum tracking resolution of 0.01mm Estimate the release status of vascular NO, and automatically calculate the FMD value With FMD time curve

5.2 Measurement and analysis: (type B, type M, spectral Doppler, color Doppler).

5.2.1 General measurement: distance, area, perimeter, volume, angle, hip joint angle, histogram, B Index

5.2.2M-type measurement: distance (amplitude), time interval, heart rate, speed, M.Index, anatomical M-type

5.2.3 Doppler blood flow measurement and analysis: speed, acceleration, resistance index (RI), time interval, pressure halving time, heart rate, D. Caliper measurement, general index measurement, average speed, pulse wave index (PI) D.Trace measurement, stenosis blood flow measurement, reflux measurement, Doppler automatic tracing, blood flow volume

5.2.4 Real-time Doppler automatic spectrum tracing: It can automatically trace and calculate the spectrum of fetal venous catheter

5.2.5 Obstetric measurement and analysis: with gestational age, fetal weight, fetal Doppler measurement, fetal cardiac function measurement, amniotic fluid index (AFI), cervical length, compatible with multiple pregnancy, growth curve analysis function (showing past measurement data ), Automatic NT measurement

5.2.6 Uterine measurement and analysis: with uterine artery measurement

5.2.7 Ovary and follicle measurement and analysis: with follicular volume measurement and ovarian arterial measurement

5.2.8 Measurement and analysis of cardiac function: with left ventricular volume, mass, right ventricle, mitral, tricuspid, LA / AO, pulmonary valve, LVOT, RVOT, reflux, stenosis, coronary artery, PISA measurement

5.2.9 Peripheral vascular blood flow measurement and analysis (automatic, real-time display): It has the function of quickly measuring local stenosis of lower limb blood vessels

5.2.10 Urology measurement and analysis

5.2.11 Small organ measurement and analysis

5.2.12 Abdominal measurement and analysis

5.2.13 Report function: You can call the previous measurement report, historical inspection data can be displayed separately in the report, you can print the report directly with the optional PC printer, and the output format can be CSV file. Have obstetric report, gynecological report, cardiac function report, peripheral blood vessel report, IMT (intimal thickness) report, urology report, abdominal measurement report, small organ report User-defined estimation formula: Each application can set ≥30 formulas The font size of the measurement result can be changed ≥ 3 options VCR playback image can be measured, which facilitates manual calibration

5.3 Image storage and (movie) playback and reproduction unit

5.4 Physiological signals: ECG, PCG, pulse, respiratory wave

5.5 Input / output signals

5.5.1 Input: VCR, external video

5.5.2 Output: Composite video, S --- video

5.6 Image management and recording device

5.6.1 Ultrasound image archiving and medical record management

5.6.2 DVD / CD storage, USB storage

5.6.3 Compatible with DICOM3.0

5.7 DICOM network connection

six. Technical parameters and requirements:

6.1 General functions of the system

6.1.1 Monitor: ≥21.3 "IPS-Pro LED monitor, wide viewing angle, high contrast, clear, super stable dynamic display image, flexible multi-point support arm, can tilt, rotate and fold down, brightness, contrast can Tune

6.1.2 The host has a highly sensitive color LCD touch control screen with a size of 10.4 inches or more

6.1.3 Each key of the operation panel is programmable and user-definable

6.1.4 Number of probes: 3

6.1.5 Fully activated interchangeable electronic probe interface: ≥ 4 (excluding pen-type CW probe interface)

6.1.6 Two-dimensional, color double-frame real-time imaging function

6.1.7 System digital channel ≥400,000

6.1.8 System dynamic range ≥276dB

6.1.9 Preset conditions: Preset optimized image inspection conditions for different inspection organs, reduce adjustments during operation, and commonly used external adjustments and combined adjustments

6.1.10 Safety performance: meet product safety and quality requirements

6.2 Grayscale imaging main parameters

6.2.1 Probe operating frequency range Convex array: ultrasonic frequency 1-5MHz Linear array: ultrasonic frequency 2-18MHz Phased array: ultrasonic frequency 1-5MHz

6.2.2 Focusing of transmitting sound beam: composite pulse wave transmitter, programmable pulse waveform modulation transmission,

≥16 segments

6.2.3 Receiving mode: multiple high-speed digital beamformers

6.2.4 Digital beamformer: digital full dynamic focusing, digital variable aperture and dynamic apodization, A / D≥12bit

6.2.5 Playback Reproduction: Grayscale image playback ≥19,000

6.2.6 Gain adjustment: B, M, D can be adjusted independently STC segment ≥8 segments adjustment Adjust after real-time adjustment or freezing

6.2.7 Imaging rate Convex array probe, full field of view, 18cm depth, highest line density, frame rate ≥19 frames / second Phased array probe, full field of view, 18cm depth, highest line density, frame rate ≥47 frames / second

6.2.8 Horizontal (horizontal) gain adjustment function: ≥8 segments

* 6.2.9 Maximum scanning depth: 40cm

6.3 Spectrum Doppler

6.3.1 Method: Pulse Wave Doppler PWD, including high-frequency pulse HPRF; Continuous Wave Doppler CW; Dual Pulse Spectrum Doppler Dual Gate Doppler

6.3.2 Doppler frequency can be selected ≥ 2 types, visually adjustable

6.3.3 Maximum speed PWD forward or reverse blood flow velocity ≥ 8.02 m / s CWD blood flow velocity ≥ 16.04 m / s

6.3.4 Minimum speed: ≤ 2mm / s

6.3.5 Zero position shift: ≥ 6 levels

6.3.6 Sampling width and position range: 0.5mm to 20mm width adjustable step by step

6.3.7 Doppler baseline position can be adjusted in real time or frozen

6.3.8 Filter: adjustable grade, PW and CW can be adjusted separately

6.4 Color Doppler

6.4.1 Display mode: speed variance display, speed display, variance display

6.4.2 Color enhancement: tissue Doppler imaging, energy map, directional energy map, high-resolution dynamic blood flow imaging

6.4.3 High-definition dynamic blood flow with no two-dimensional background display

6.4.4 Imaging rate Full field of view of convex array probe, 18cm deep, color display frame rate 10 frames / second Phased array probe, full field of view, 18cm deep, color display frame rate 20 frames / second

6.4.5 Display position adjustment: The image range of interest for line scan is -30 ° ~ + 30 °.

6.4.6 Color automatic optimization function

6.4.7 Color wall motion elimination technology

6.5 Probe Specifications

6.5.1 Frequency: Ultra-wide frequency band and frequency conversion probe. The center frequency can be adjusted visually. The two-dimensional center frequency can be selected from ≥ 5 types.

6.5.2 Type: Abdominal convex array probe, small organ / vascular line array probe, cardiac phased array probe

6.5.3 Combined use of B, D, and M Convex array: B / PWD, B / CWD, B / M Linear array: B / PWD, B / CWD, B / M Phased array: B / PWD, B / CWD, B / M

6.6 Digital image management and recording device

6.6.1 Raw RF Data Storage

6.6.2 CD burning, USB interface

6.6.3 Dynamic images and still images are stored directly to the storage medium in AVI, BMP or JPEG format, no special software conversion is required




Full digital portable color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic system

  • item name

Full digital whole body high-end portable color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic system

  • Product use description

1, abdominal, gynecology, obstetrics, heart, small organs and superficial tissues, blood vessels, craniocerebral, urinary,

Interventional ultrasound, pediatric, emergency, anesthesia, etc.

  • Number of goods: one set
  • Delivery period: 45 working days after signing the contract
  • System technical specifications and overview:
  • Host of full digital color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic system
    1. ≥15 inch high-definition, medical professional color LED display
    2. Digital beam booster
    3. Multiple beamforming
    4. 2D grayscale mode
    5. Tissue Harmonic Imaging Mode
    6. Tissue-specific imaging
    7. Spatial composite imaging
    8. Speckle suppression imaging
    9. Frequency composite imaging
    10. Echo enhancement technology
    11. M-mode
    12. Color M-mode
    13. With anatomical M-mode, requires M sampling lines ≥ 2 and can rotate at any 360 degrees, and also supports real-time scanning and reconstruction of M-mode images during offline processing
    14. Color Doppler imaging (including color, energy, and directional energy Doppler modes)
    15. Ultra-wide dynamic blood flow technology
    16. Spectral Doppler imaging (including pulse Doppler, high pulse repetition frequency, continuous wave Doppler)
    17. With low mechanical index angiography mode, and support microangiography imaging; support superficial, vascular, and abdominal angiography.
    18. Equipped with quantitative imaging analysis software
    19. With real-time wide-field imaging, it is required to support convex array, linear array and phased array probes, prompting for scanning speed, and the maximum scanning length of wide-field ≥90CM
    20. Independent angle deflection
    21. Extended imaging requires convex array and linear array probes available
    22. Real-time dual-frame contrast imaging
    23. High-resolution blood flow imaging
    24. One-button automatic optimization (including application to 2D, color, spectrum mode, TDI and imaging)
    25. Intelligent Doppler automatically optimizes the spectral Doppler sampling line angle and quickly corrects the sampling angle
    26. Full-screen zoom with one click
    27. Partial zoom (front-end, back-end zoom)
    28. 2D and color Doppler dual display
    29. Supports puncture needle enhancement technology, requires dual-screen real-time contrast display, enhances front and rear effects, and simultaneously supports enhanced planar multi-angle adjustable
    30. Support ultrasound teaching software
    31. Supports DICOM 3.0
    32. Support languages, English, Chinese (including keyboard input, comments, operation panel, etc.)
  • Measurement and analysis:
    1. Routine measurement
    2. Distance measurement, ellipse and trace measurement area perimeter, volume measurement
    3. Doppler measurement (automatic or manual envelope measurement, automatic calculation of measurement parameters)
    4. General practice measurement package with automatic report generation
    5. Abdomen, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Heart, Urology, Small Organs, Pediatrics, Vascular, Neurology, Emergency Department
    6. Gynecological / obstetric-specific measurement and analysis, including multiple birth measurement, fetal physiology score, obstetric formula for Chinese population
    7. Measurement and analysis of cardiac function, including Simpson BP, Tei index analysis, PISA, etc.
    8. Auto-LV automatic left ventricular systolic function
    9. Support user-defined measurement items and formula editing
  • Movie playback and raw data processing
    1. Support manual and automatic playback in all modes; support backward storage and forward storage, the length of time can be preset, and back-end movies ≥5 minutes
    2. Contrast analysis of saved images (dynamic, static)
    3. Raw data processing, parameter adjustment for playback image
    4. Supports synchronous storage (supports single-frame image files including: DCM, TIFF, BMP, JEPG single-frame, movie files include: CIN, AVI, DCM), that is, real-time scanning can be done in the foreground while image data is stored or exported in the background. One-click storage directly to the hard disk, shut down suddenly or not over, check that the shutdown data is not lost
    5. Supports one-button multi-function output, requiring the same custom function key to support the output of ≥4 functions.
  • Inspection storage and management (built-in ultrasound workstation)
  1. Check storage
    1. ≥240G hard disk, is a solid state hard disk, fast speed, low power consumption
    2. Built-in ultrasound workstation
    3. Multiple export image formats: Dynamic images and still images are directly exported in PC format, and no special software is needed to view the images directly on ordinary PCs. Export and backup image data at the same time, real-time inspection can be performed without affecting the inspection operation
  • Technical parameters and requirements
    1. System common functions
      1. Monitor: ≥15 inch high-resolution, medical professional color LED display
      2. Probe interface selection: 1, expandable to 3
      3. Safety standards: meet the requirements of product safety and quality
      4. Machine weight ≤ 6KG
      5. Support user-defined number of keys ≥4
    2. Probe specifications: support for single crystal probes
      1. Frequency: Broadband frequency conversion probe, two-dimensional and color independent frequency conversion
      2. The convex array probe has a frequency conversion range of ≥7 frequencies, the conventional scanning angle is ≥61 degrees, and the maximum scanning angle is ≥100 degrees.
      3. Linear array probe has a frequency conversion range of ≥ 6 frequencies and supports T-type extended display
      4. Phased array probe has a frequency conversion range of ≥ 6 frequencies and a scanning angle of ≥ 90 degrees
    3. 2D grayscale mode
      1. Digital sound beam former
      2. Digital full dynamic focusing, digital variable aperture and dynamic apodization, A / D≥12 bit
      3. Receiving mode: transmit and receive channels ≥1024, multiple signals processed in parallel
      4. Scan line: Line density ≥512 ultrasound lines per frame
      5. Transmitting sound beam focusing: transmitting ≥8 segments
      6. scanning frequency:
      7. Electronic convex array: ultrasonic frequency 1.3-6.0MHz
      8. Electronic phased array: ultrasonic frequency 1.5-4.5MHz
      9. Electronic linear array: ultrasonic frequency 5.4-13.5MHz
      10. Intracavity probe
      11. Preset conditions: preset the best image inspection conditions for different inspection organs
      12. Maximum display depth: ≥39cm
      13. Maximum frame rate: ≥999 frames / second
      14. TGC: ≥8 segments
      15. LGC: ≥8 segments
      16. Two-dimensional grayscale: ≥256
      17. Dynamic range: 30-190db (visually adjustable)
      18. Gain adjustment: B / M / D can be adjusted independently, ≥100
      19. Pseudo-color map: ≥8 kinds
      20. Body mark: ≥120 kinds, can be customized
      21. Scanning frame rate: 18cm diagnostic depth, phased array probe at full field of view ≥ 61 frames per second
    4. Color Doppler imaging
      1. Including speed, speed variance, energy, direction energy display, etc.
      2. Display mode: B / C, B / C / M, B / POWER, B / C / PW
      3. Sampling frame deflection: ≥ ± 30 degrees (linear array probe)
      4. Maximum frame rate: 244 frames / second
      5. Support B / C same width
    5. Spectral Doppler Mode
      1. Including pulse Doppler, high pulse repetition frequency, continuous Doppler
      2. Display mode: B, PW, B / PW, B / C / PW, B / CW, B / C / CW, etc.
      3. Display control: inversion, zero shift, B refresh, D expansion, B / D expansion, etc.
      4. Maximum speed: ≥9.21m / s (continuous Doppler speed: ≥35m / s)
      5. Minimum speed: ≤1 mm / s (non-noise signal)
      6. Sampling volume: 0.5-20mm
      7. Deflection angle: ≥ ± 30 degrees (linear array probe)
      8. Zero shift: ≥8 levels
      9. Fast angle correction
      10. Support automatic spectrum measurement
  • Connectivity
    1. Reference signal: ECG, breathing wave, and support ECG trigger control
    2. Input / output signal:
    3. Input: VCR, external video, RGB color video
    4. Output: HD video interface, composite video, RGB color video, S --- video
    5. Support wireless data transmission
    6. Support USB storage media to store common PC format files with one click, no conversion required
    7. Support DICOM
    8. USB3.0 interface
    9. Peripheral data module: contains the following interfaces: 1 S --- video, 2 VGA video interface, high-definition audio and video interface
    10. audio port
    11. Lifting multifunctional dedicated trolley
    12. Support machine anti-theft lock control
    13. Support extended USB interface
    14. With removable probe expansion slot
    15. Storage equipment
    16. Dedicated travel case for main unit, probe and related spare parts
  • Spare parts, technical and maintenance services, training requirements and more
  1. Spare parts requirements
    1. The seller should set up a spare parts library in the user's local or provincial capital city, and deposit all necessary spare parts to ensure timely supply when necessary
    2. Technical and maintenance services
    3. In the user's local or provincial capital city, the seller should deploy multiple engineering and technical personnel to provide unpacking inspection, installation, commissioning or maintenance services at any time.
    4. Technical training requirements
    5. In the user's local or provincial capital city, the seller should configure professional technical personnel to provide on-site technical training to ensure that the user can normally operate the various functions of the device



Heilongjiang Zhonglian Tendering Agency Co., Ltd.

November 5, 2019

Fourth, purchasing agency information

Full name of purchasing agency: Heilongjiang Zhonglian Tendering Agency Co., Ltd.

Address of Purchasing Agency: Shop 104, Building 7, Rongjin Mingdu, Xixinan Street, Xi'an District, Mudanjiang City

Contact of Purchasing Agency: Xu Haidong 04536436888

V. Successful bid information

Tender announcement date: October 14, 2019

Winning Date: November 06, 2019

Total winning amount: 5.70 million yuan (RMB)

Supplier name, contact address, and bid amount:

Serial number Winning supplier name Winning supplier contact address Amount won (10,000 yuan)
1 Heilongjiang Xingyu Trading Co., Ltd. Puxing Village Committee, Hexi Town, Muling City, Heilongjiang Province 570.000000

Total amount of bidding agency fee for this project: 64,600 yuan (RMB)

The bidding agency fee for this project:

Paper No. 1980

Review expert list:

Yin Songhe, Zhao Shuxian, Wang Yanling, Feng Guoqiang, Pei Haiqing

The name, specifications, quantity, unit price, and service requirements of the successful bidder:

See technical parameters for details

Six, other supplementary matters

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